How to Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Europe without Going Broke

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Europe is as magical as ever and no amount of global recession can change the fact that it remains a top tourist destination.

Although traveling to Europe is now cheaper, you still need to have a thrifty plan in place to avoid going overboard on your budget.

Here’s what to consider before booking your stay in London:

How to Plan an Unforgettable Trip to Europe without Going Broke

  • Is it Peak Travel Season?

    If you’re on a tight budget, traveling off season is a better option for you. In Europe, this period usually falls between October and April.

    The airfare will be significantly cheaper, you’ll get discounted rates for accommodation, and meet local Europeans. The weather is also great at this time of the year.

    Some of the bigger cities, however, like Paris and London are always in peak season.

  • Do Your Research

    You need to have an idea of which part of Europe you want to start with. You can either buy or borrow a few books about Europe from your local library. This is a great way to learn all about the great cities.

    If you’re more tech-savvy, the internet is a goldmine of information about Europe.

    As you do your research, keep an eye out for airline deals that are offering discounted tickets for the city you’re considering.

    Sometimes you’ll even be able to find deals for as low $600 for a round trip. Amsterdam, Milan, and Frankfurt are some of the more affordable entry points to Europe.

  • How Do You Plan to Travel Between Cities?

    It’s sickening how costly it can get to move around in Europe even when you’re just traveling over a short distance.

    Transportation in Europe includes a wide range of low-cost bus options, budget airlines, and the Euro rail.

    However, the Euro rail and buses are limited to the specific routes they use. If your destination is not on the route, you’ll have to find your own way there.

    Many parts of the former Soviet Bloc strongholds, for example, are not accessible by the Euro rail.

    We recommend renting a car if you want the freedom to move around and discover hidden gems away from the big cities.

    You can find great deals on car rentals. If you plan to take this route, make sure you apply for an international driving permit from your AAA service provider, and read up on the traffic laws.

    Additionally, carry a GPS system with preloaded European maps for a smooth trip.

  • Avoid Mainstream Restaurants

    When moving through cities in Europe, you’ll notice some touristy looking for restaurants and cafes that make it clear they speak English by hanging signs on their windows.

    Avoid them at all costs. Find an establishment that locals frequent in droves and you won’t be disappointed. This kind of eating joints serve better food for a better price. You’ll never go wrong with the daily special.

    When did you last have a picnic? $20 can buy a marvelous picnic lunch for three anywhere in Europe.

    Germans love their white asparagus, Italians go crazy for their porcini mushrooms, and Spaniards live for their caracoles but only when they are fresh.

    So, eat with the season and buy what is fresh when planning your picnics.

  • Where Will You Stay?

    This is one of the biggest ways of saving money when traveling to Europe. Staying in a hotel is costly and can cost upwards of $200 per night.

    Many countries in Europe have a bed and breakfast which will offer better rates.

    Better yet, you can find villas or apartments that charge $ 400 for 3 nights during the off-season.

Traveling to Europe is an endless cultural experience like no other. Once you make your first trip, you’ll want to keep going back for more.

When you spend less, you’ll be lowering the barrier separating you from the culture that you’ve traveled thousands of miles to experience.

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