How to Promote Your Newbie Startup

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Marketing tends to be exhausting, to both one’s psyche, as well as their own pocket, even if it’s a multinational corporation that’s trying to promote their name.

If you are a small business owner, looking to get your name out there, you might encounter problems that transcend the time that needs to be spent on marketing.

As a small-time, aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll have to find a way to promote your startup and this is not an easy thing to do.

In order to provide proper marketing for your startup, we’ve come up with some advice for your convenience and that of many more like you, across the globe.

How to Promote Your Newbie Startup 2

  • Customer experience

    No better source of feedback than those who use your product and/or service. If your customers are satisfied with the mentioned, more people will gather around what you offer – it’s as simple as that. This may well be the best marketing for your product.

    However, do not underestimate the potential customers – they can easily tell when you’ve greased somebody’s palm to get to your goal of good marketing.

    By sticking to your core user base, at least in the very beginning, you can learn a lot from their actions, as well as feedback, which is why having quality customer service plays such a key role in marketing.

    Moreover, by establishing quality relationship with your customer base, you are likely to form a unique bond that is definitely not easy to break.

  • Media

    Even though the Internet has made sure that it has taken the throne from every other means of marketing, it is a common misconception that these are completely redundant.

    In fact, the good old-fashioned media exposure can do wonders for your business, if you are diligent enough when it comes to your angle. Even though you can catch most movies and TV shows online, using Netflix, or other means, people still watch TV.

    Additionally, articles can do a hell of a lot good, when it comes to promotion, you just need to make sure that people care about reading your article, which means giving them something worthwhile, further entailing that what you serve to them is personal, authentic and generally worth their time.

    If top-tier press is far beyond your reach, you’re in luck, because there’s countless bloggers looking to earn their money by means of ads.

  • Journalists

    On the previous note, if you want to avoid being seen on blogs, you need to do your research and find a journalist who actually might be interested in your story.

    Contacting these individuals has been made easy through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, even Twitter.

    However, you are not approaching companies here, so approaching these individuals will require a bit more of a human touch.

    In other words, simply using a template letter won’t suffice – you’ll have to speak your mind and, if you think this is nonsense, keep in mind of their profession – journalists work with words, they can easily tell apart genuine contact from chain letters.

  • How to Promote Your Newbie Startup 3

  • Various products

    Of course, no matter how cheesy this means, promotional products do the job – they get your name out there.

    If a potential customer has seen your name around multiple times, she or he will easily choose your brand over your competitor.

    Frequent mentioning instantly means that an Average Joe will find your name more reliable; well, unless they’ve heard too many people bad-mouth your startup, which is something you’ll want to avoid in the first place, if aren’t looking for a quick crash-and-burn type of it, and nothing says “unprofessionalism” more clearly than that.

  • How to Promote Your Newbie Startup 6

  • Various websites

    If you have your marketing materials, such as design images, videos, text and special offers already at the ready, you can use various marketing websites to get your name out there.

    Sites such as Techcrunch, Go2web20, PSFK, HARO or MuckRack. A grass roots campaign can do you a world of good, especially if you haven’t intended your product to be for the masses.

When it comes to startups, you’ll need to employ various tactics in order to get your name known by your future customers.

Consider the above tactics, if you are running a startup. If not, this can be a valuable read for the amateur, professional and small-time businessman alike.

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