How to Remodel Your Home on a Budget

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With spring on the way, many homeowners have spring cleaning on the mind and are considering home renovation, whether it’s major or minor.

If this describes your household, keep in mind these money-saving tips so that home renovation doesn’t have to put you and your family out of your household budget.

  • Supply Your Own Labor

    This is perhaps the place where you can save the most money. Professional labor can be extremely expensive in the realm of home renovation, making purchasing project materials and doing the work yourself a great way to save.

    For example, the average cost of having a bedroom professionally painted can vary from about $200 to $400, yet two gallons of wall paint comes out to only about $60 to $140.

    With the wealth of online DIY tutorials, home renovation TV shows, and print resources available today, do-it-yourself projects for the home are now easier and more accessible than ever.

    Do-it-yourself projects don’t require you to be a seasoned carpenter or woodworker with a professional workspace in your home, either. If you’re lacking for tools, borrowing them from neighbors and friends is a great budget-friendly option, and many hardware stores even offer tool rental services.

  • Hire an Expert Where You Truly Need It

    While do-it-yourself projects are invaluable to saving money during any home renovation, sometimes hiring an expert will save you money in the long run. Do-it-yourself projects gone wrong could be the source of an unexpected and costly home expense, and many home renovation projects simply require more skill than you would expect.

    Moving a wall, for example, requires not only moving drywall but also often rerouting electrical wires, plumbing, floor work, and more. Long story short, if you’re nearing a home renovation project that requires some technical skills that you don’t feel confident acquiring on your own, go ahead and hire and expert.

  • Use Existing Home Features

    Things like rerouting plumbing and moving walls can make any home renovation project much more expensive. Instead of creating a plan to make a bedroom closet larger, for example, consider how you can be utilizing that space better with improved organization.

    You can also get more bang for your buck using this same mindset for your furniture. When it comes to old chairs and tables that you might consider throwing out, take a look and see if you can update it with a fresh coat of paint or a simple upholstery project. You’ll find that this will save you a substantial amount of money you might spend on new furniture.

  • Look for Lower Sales Tax

    Do you live near an area that enjoys lower sales tax than your own area? Consider driving a few extra miles to save big on large do-it-yourself project expenses. Or perhaps a sales tax holiday is coming up in your state, which will allow you to enjoy no sales tax on energy efficient kitchen appliances. Wait to do your shopping then.

  • Ask for a Discount

    When purchasing project materials or working with a professional, sometimes all you need to do to save a little money is to ask. Purchasing flooring for the entire first floor of your home? Ask if there is a volume discount. Meeting with a bathroom tiling professional and have a budget in mind for your project? Communicate that to the person you’re meeting with.

  • Focus on Curb Appeal

    It’s important to never lose track of your home’s curb appeal, when doing a home remodel. In addition to improving the value of your home, the psychological benefits of coming home and looking at a home that you actually want to come home to can have a profound impact on your day-to-day happiness.

    Simple things like planting a garden, or sprucing up your garage door, can give a huge boost to your home’s curb appeal.

This article is written by Alek Sabin.

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