How to Save Money by Buying a Coffee Machine for Your Office

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In an increasingly caffeine-addicted demographic, coffee is not just a worthy luxury; it is an absolute necessity. If you are a coffee lover without a coffee maker near you, then you probably know the best coffee joints within a two mile radius of your workplace.

Getting a coffee machine: the numbers

Buying a coffee maker for the office is an absolute must for any manager if you want to keep your employees productive throughout the day.

Otherwise, you should be prepared to watch them intermittently disappear in turns throughout the day – rushing to the nearest Starbucks for their refills.

You should also expect grouchiness and general demotivation in their manner as they moan about a lack of coffee.

For the numbers person, here is the Math: an employee earning roughly $100,000 annually earns $50-65 an hour. Therefore, assuming he will take a 15-minute break to run to Starbucks twice a day, you’ll waste approximately $30 a day in lost productivity. That is about $160 per employee weekly.

Now, assume you spend $5,000 on an espresso machine for the office. Counting the number of employees you have and the coffee runs they won’t go on, the machine would pay for itself within a couple of months. This would hold true even if you factor in the continuous purchase of coffee supplies.

That’s not all, as an employer, you’ll have more invigorated employees who’ll give the company better service. They will be happier, more alive, more present and friendly; there is no limit to what an enthusiastic team can achieve and you cannot put a price tag on that.

How to buy the machine

  1. Size vs. use – before you buy a coffee machine, consider how many staff members take coffee, and just to have a rough estimate, find out how much on average (try not to look like you are spying).

    This should determine the size of machine you buy. If it is likely to be on and in use throughout the day, you are safer investing in a heavy duty coffee maker, more expensive on the outset, but equally more durable.

  2. Maintenance – it is the office, and so who brews the coffee, cleans and maintains the machine are major concerns.

    Buy a simple to clean and operate machine to avoid cases of frustrated employees messing it up in a bid to get their fix as fast as possible.

  3. Coffee type – the kind of coffee you want to brew will greatly influence your choice of machine.

    Some coffee machine might seem cheaper but only because the kind of coffee that can be brewed in the machine is manufacturer specific, and that’s where the real expense comes.

    You can run a survey to find out what coffee the majority prefer. If they like Espresso for instance, go for an Espresso machine, such as is made by Espresso Deco.

  4. Other accessories – if you need a grinder for coffee beans for instance, that will be a consideration since it factors into the cost of having the coffee maker.

    Try to find deals that include all other necessary accessories with the coffee maker in order to make some savings.

As far as investment in your team goes, it pays huge dividends not to cut corners. While a seemingly small thing, catering to your team’s coffee addiction resonates to them your concern for their productivity and well-being, and for that you will reap rewards far greater than your investment.

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