How To Save Money On All Your Kitchen Needs

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If you ask any real estate agent, the kitchen is the room within a home that holds the most value. While you can easily increase the value of your home by 5 to 30% by doing a kitchen renovation or making regular updates, there is no denying that kitchen projects can cost a pretty penny.

If you want to breath life into your kitchen without spending a fortune, there are budget-friendly ways to bring your space into the 21st century.

How To Save Money On All Your Kitchen Needs

Here are 4 valuable tips to consider to save money on your kitchen needs:

  1. Get New Efficient Appliances at a Bargain

    Old, rusty inefficient appliances are more than just an eyesore, they can also be a budget buster when it comes to energy efficiency. Everyone knows that a modern kitchen needs appliances, but you don’t need to go out and spend thousands of dollars financing the newest model to get a matching set of the must-haves.

    There are plenty of ways to cut the cost of buying an appliance. From shopping at the thrift store on a discount day, to shopping the classifieds, people are always unloading appliances because they are large items that need to go quick.

    But one creative way to buy new appliances at a bargain is to shop for last years model or a floor model, which translates to a savings of 15 to 50% depending on how quickly the store needs to make space. Shopping in September and October is generally the best time to find a deal.

  2. Don’t Scrap What Can be Repaired

    Not everything around the kitchen needs to be scrapped or recycled. You may have some small appliances that are completely useful in your soon-to-be new kitchen with a little love and care.

    As you are going through your appliances and taking an inventory, identify the appliances you use frequently and those that are completely outdated. You may not need to replace everything in your cabinets.

    For example, if you have something like a kitchen stand mixer and you are missing parts, find parts for your stand mixer rather than buying a new one. Buying small replacement parts is a budget-conscious approach.

  3. Use Salvaged Materials and Spend Less for More

    If you are updating your flooring, counter tops, or other kitchen fixtures, you can visit Habitat for Humanity ReStores and buy lightly used materials that have been recycled by contractors and green homeowners.

    More than 85% of materials pulled from a home is recyclable, including materials used in kitchens. By being a resourceful homeowner, you can renovate your kitchen, save money, and make less of an impact on the environment in the process.

  4. Breath Life Into Your Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets can be an eyesore when they are outdated and dull. If you don’t want to spend a major portion of your remodeling budget on your cabinetry, consider revamping the cabinets you already have and transform your space.

    Sanding, resurfacing, and a few coats of paint and lacquer can do the trick. In most cases, you can do the work on your own to save in labor costs.

Kitchen needs come at a cost, but your cost doesn’t always have to be high. If you are living on a limited budget, or you are simply frugal, keep these tips in mind and you can save on all of your needs from top to bottom.

By saving money in the short run and the long run, you can feel good about the work you have done.

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