How to Spot a Bad Lawyer

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Not everyone can be a lawyer. Lawyers have a special duty to uphold – to ensure the rights of those they defend and uphold the statutes in prosecutorial matters as well.

While many people have studied the law, the same individuals have gone on to other kinds of occupations as well.

Lawyers need to be articulate, possess critical reading skills, be analytical and know how to problem solve.

It’s this problem solving ability that divides the good attorneys from the bad litigators in the legal field.

If a lawyer cannot anticipate what the opposing counsel may present in a court case, then he is not going to be helpful to his client.

How to Spot a Bad Lawyer

A bad lawyer, too, does not possess a sense of public service. Public service entails serving and helping others with integrity and responsibility.

When an attorney does not have this trait, he causes other law-abiding and conscientious barristers to be looked at in the wrong light.

Therefore, given the role that a lawyer must play in the legal system, it is not hard to spot a solicitor who considers his own personal interests more important than the rights of those he represents.

  • Serving and Representing the Public Good – That Is the Hallmark of a Good Lawyer

    After all, it is a lawyer’s responsibility to serve the public good. Therefore, he must not only be well-versed in philosophy, politics, and history, he must have a deep commitment to righting wrongs and making sure that the rights and liberties of people are not violated.

    He must be someone who puts the law first and places less priority over personal interests and whims.

    When you visit such sites as, you immediately understand what it means to be a good representative in the legal field.

  • Beware of the Lawyer Who Puts His Interests First

    You also can reflect on the behaviours of less-than-reputable lawyers too. Especially, when it comes to criminal cases, lawyers must do all they can to uphold the statutes and protect the rights of the accused.

    A bad lawyer, again, is easy to spot because he places more emphasis on his self-interests.

    Therefore, it is essential that anyone who is convicted of a crime make sure he is well-represented.

    If you find that you have been put in a position where you need a criminal lawyer, it is essential that you make sure that the legal firm that represents you is recognized and respected.

    While retaining legal counsel to support you in a criminal proceeding can be upsetting, it is much more upsetting to find out later that you did not sufficiently check out the credentials of a barrister before your secured his services.

Think about the natural characteristics of a good lawyer. He should speak and write well, possess analytical and reading skills, and offer services that show his regard to serving the public good.

If you obtain a lawyer who does not exhibit this type of demeanour, it is time to fire him and hire a barrister who is committed to providing you with the legal assistance you need.

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