How to Start Your Next Project

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Your company wants to do the next project and your department has been selected to go about it.

You as Project Manager are given the responsibility to start, execute and finish the project quickly, efficiently and within the budget.

Every time you are given a new project, take these steps to ensure you are on the right track from the outset:

  • Taking Responsibility

    Before you agree to take on the responsibility of managing a project, make sure there is adequate sponsorship for it. If it’s not feasible or you lack support, then solve these two problems first before you start out.

  • Clarifying the Scope

    Review the scope of the project to ensure that each deliverable to be produced during the project are adequately defined and is signed off by the customer.

  • The Deadline

    Each project is an activity which must be delivered by a specified date, usually called project deadline. You need to agree the deadline with your customer, and it must be feasible to achieve. In case the project gets delayed, with the cooperation of the customer, you need to have a contingency plan.

  • Setting Priorities

    Show customer the list of each deliverable. Have them prioritize the list from highest to lowest. If need be, you can deliver the project in phases.

  • Understand Customer’s Business

    Learn as much as you can the business of the customer. Ask reasons what’s driving the deadline, the scope and the priorities of each deliverable.

In a Nutshell
Document these conversations with your customer and get them to formally approve them. That way, you have a formal agreement of the scope, deadline, priorities and drivers at the outset.

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