How to Stay on Top of Living Expenses While Suffering From Long-Term Injuries

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If there is an injury, it is the hope that it will be a short-term one where the person hopes to return to work or normal life within a short period of time.

However, when it is a long-term injury without any estimated return to normal, if it is a type that does not require bed rest or extreme physical limitations and therapy, one has to assess what abilities still exist and then find a way to earn some extra money in a different way than the one that is no longer realistic.

How to Stay on Top of Living Expenses While Suffering From Long-Term Injuries

  • Work From Home

    There is a wide diversity of jobs that can be done from home. Some of them are making telephone calls for an employer advising of coming sales or events or appointments, being a customer service representative, freelance article writing of articles for the websites of small businesses, addressing envelopes and stuffing them with sales notices for stores or services, addressing and stuffing wedding invitations, and much more.

    Also, think about your talents and put them to use: knitting or crocheting baby and other items, sewing whether mending or hemming or creating a garment, quilting, painting ceramics or pictures, creating greeting cards, making craft items of all types, and many other choices.

  • Try Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is retail fulfillment where the seller does not have to keep the products in stock. When a product is sold, it is purchased from a third party, which is a manufacturer or wholesaler, which ships it directly to the consumer.

    What could be easier with no inventory needed, all the packing and shipping attended to, and the transactions done just over the internet? Start quickly without the large amount of money invested needed in a traditional retail store and with training to set up your online store, how to choose profitable products, and how to advertise.

  • File for Disability Benefits

    Long-lasting or permanent injuries require an income to be applied for. If the injury occurred at work, the benefits would be obtained through Workers’ Compensation. Otherwise, you would have to claim through Social Security disability.

    Both of those have a difficult and often long-lasting and disputed claims process, but the end result is a monthly income. If you are denied, you might consider using the services of a Social Security disability attorney.

  • Work With Local Charities

    America’s Best Local Charities is a federation listing over 700 nonprofit local charitable organizations that are helping the poor, the ill, children, the elderly, the disabled, shelter and feed the homeless, rescue unwanted animals, and other missions.

    Each listed charity has the Independent Charities of America Seal of Excellence for its program activity and its quality administration.

The above is just a sampling of the many ways you can help yourself to pay toward your living expenses when an unexpected injury happens. They should help you to come up with one or more projects that fit into your own lifestyle and abilities.

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