How to Use Trading Platforms to Your Advantage

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With more and more people joining the foreign exchange game, having an edge over the competition is becoming increasingly difficult.

Even though it is possible to gain a deep understanding of the market on your own, movements occur at such a rapid pace that you will need an ally. This is where trading platforms come in.

Such software is great for beginners and pros alike because it allows you to practice trades in a controlled environment. Once you register with one, you gain access to a demo trading account which allows you to test strategies using real-life market data without any of the adjacent risks.

But a trading platform helps with so much more than that.

Here is what you need to know.

How to Use Trading Platforms to Your Advantage
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  • What Is a Trading Platform?

    The concept behind trading platforms is a rather unpretentious one. The software connects traders with their broker of choice by acting as a conduit for information. Thus, quotes and charts are provided by it, as well as an accessible interface where orders are placed and executed. Through it, the entire process can be automatized according to market data.

    There are two types of trading platforms, namely locally based and web-based. The former refers to a program that traders install on their computers. This variety functions together with the operating system on the device, but they usually cater only to Windows, macOS or Linux. The latter is accessible via browser, meaning that all you need is a proper Internet connection.

    There are plenty of free trading platforms available on the Internet. However, these are generally suitable for beginners only due to their simplicity. Brokers provide more intricate and high-functioning software in exchange for a monthly fee. Some agencies even offer different levels of access to the data depending on the user’s engagement.

  • Using Software for Profits

    Trading platforms come with a wide array of functions that pertain to various aspects of the field. There are three main ones to consider when seeking to make a profit on the foreign exchange market using trading software. By employing them on a daily basis, you are bound to bring in a steady flow of cash daily.

    1. Market Analysis

      Market analysis is indispensable on the trading floor. The data provided by it is what helps you assess the viability of an action and whether or not it will be profitable in the short or long run. The proper software will offer you all the information you will ever need to determine which trades are most suitable for you.

      Most programs limit their expertise to technical analysis. This approach is based on the corroboration of historical data, as well as values over time, to determine the movement of a certain currency on the market. By keeping your eye on these details, you will determine the prolific moment to place an order.

    2. Technical Indicators

      Always knowing your trading status is an essential part of making money with forex. Technical indicators are what you need to use to do so, and your platform of choice will provide them. They alert you when the moment is right for orders to be placed on the market. For this reason, making proper use of signals is the key to success.

      The software identifies these time frames based on the strategies you programmed into it. Thus, when your markers are in line with market events, it will let you know. Acting swiftly when these occur is essential. To achieve this, you need to exercise patience and self-control. Never jump into a trade unless all the conditions are met.

    3. Trading Tools

      A reliable and durable trading platform should always offer its users a wide array of trading tools meant to ease the process and maximize profits. One common use for this feature is placing stop orders as soon as a currency reaches a certain value. The actual assessment is based on information provided by the software as well.

      What is more, once you gain more expertise, you can try your hand at automated trading as well. This strategy lets the platform do all the work for you according to preset parameters you have established. While it might sound tempting to go for it from the start, remember that you need quite a bit of experience for this method to be successful.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right trading platform can be highly advantageous because it maximizes profits when used right. However, you need to always keep your eye on market data and technical indicators for this to occur. Making use of the trading tools in its arsenal is also a welcome bonus that will put you on the path to success.

Nevertheless, the market can be fickle and illogical at times. Not even the best trading software can predict major events that turn everything upside down. Thus, approach trading with an open mind and accept that even the best in the game lose sometimes. After all, it’s not a fixed mathematical process, although it might seem like it.

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