How Your Business Can Save Money By Recycling

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Recycling is not just a cute buzzword. It is a way of life, due to society’s acceptance that earth has finite resources. Recycling is beneficial to everybody, especially for businesses. Because you’re in a for-profit enterprise, it’s the goal to save money as much as possible.

Recycling helps your goal by receiving money back that would normally be thrown away.

From a small company to a multi-million dollar corporation, any astute business utilizes recycling.

  • Analyze Your Operations

    The first step is to analyze your operations. Investigate what is normally thrown away every day. This may even involve putting on some old clothes and gloves, and physically looking in the trash dumpsters.

    You’ll probably find soda cans, aluminum foil, copier cartridges that contain metals, and all sorts of various metal scraps.

    The key understanding is that all these scraps can be sold, thus returning money back to the company.

  • Recycling as Company Policy

    For a recycling program to work, it has to be formally written and instituted as company policy. If it’s just casually mentioned, only a few people will “get on board.”

    There has to be a company wide acceptance of the recycling program, otherwise it will never work. Everybody, from the janitor to the CEO, has to wholeheartedly devote themselves to recycling.

  • Strategic Forethought

    By using strategic forethought, your company will save money. This involves investigating what changes need to be made.

    For example, if a large number of ink cartridges are thrown away, perhaps they can be refilled. If so, they are recycled over and over, saving money. Another area to look at is the cafeteria/lunchroom areas.

    If a large number of cans are thrown away, perhaps a recycling bin could be placed next to the soda machine.

  • Bin Implementation

    The final step is bin implementation. You will encounter the skeptics. The skeptics may say it won’t work because nobody feels it saves money.

    Point out to them that unobtrusive bins can be placed in strategic locations, with janitors emptying the small bins into a large bin.

    Scrap metal companies, such as General Recycling Industries Ltd, an Edmonton scrap yard, provide large bins that are placed behind your building.

Recycling is good for the for the planet and great for your bottom line. By having a formal company policy, recycling puts cash back into the company’s coffers.

In effect, it’s better than a rebate program. If your firm accepts recycling, a company-wide program will definitely save money.

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