Hurt at Work? 5 Ways a Workplace Injury Can Hurt Your Family Finances

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A workplace injury can devastate a family’s finances if no worker’s compensation or disability payments are provided afterwards. There are numerous ways that an injury can cause a family to lose money.

The following are five of the most important ways that a workplace injury can hurt your family’s finances:

  1. Reduced Income

    If a workplace injury is severe, the family member who suffers it is not going to be able to continue his or her job or may need to take a job role that is not as physically demanding.

    A lot of jobs are physically demanding. Working in construction or manufacturing can entail a lot of physical work requiring constant movement.

    Even a job as a cashier or clerk can require a worker to be on his or her feet all day.

    A workplace injury can make it impossible for a worker to continue bringing in wages from such a job.

    You need to research your rights to make sure you get the lost income compensation you deserve after a workplace injury.

  2. Medical Expenses

    Even if a family member can continue working after a workplace injury, a significant workplace injury can cause a family member to incur a great deal of medical expenses.

    Even those with medical coverage from their job often have to make some out of pocket payments depending on what the deductible or terms of their plan are.

    A personal injury firm like Bellotti Law Group, P.C. can help injured workers to be compensated for medical expenses.

  3. Loss of Job

    An employee can completely lose his or her job due to a workplace injury. If the injury is severe enough and makes it so that the worker cannot go back to work, that worker will lose the job and may no longer be able to contribute income to the family and household.

  4. Loss of Medical Insurance

    If a family relies on one family member’s job to provide medical insurance, the entire family could lose medical coverage if that family member loses his or her job because of a workplace injury. This can be especially devastating for families with young children.

  5. Depleted Savings

    A workplace injury could make it so that family members have to resort to savings to get through the financial consequences. Depleted savings could result from reduced income or medical bills that come about as a result of a workplace injury.

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