Hurting for Money? 5 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash

Thursday, June 8, 2017, 6:00 PM | Leave Comment

Painful is the feeling that you get when you realize that you have no more money in your bank account to “juggle” and no more extensions that you can request on the bills.

Don’t feel bad, though. Many people have been where you are today.

These are five ways that you can get some cash if you are hurting for money:

  1. Do Some Odd Jobs

    Odd jobs can get some funds to you rather quickly if you can find the opportunity nearby. Examples of odd jobs are one-time babysitting gigs, moving jobs, snow shoveling, grass cutting and the like. Such jobs can put the money in your hands the same day.

  2. Tap Into Your Savings

    Now would be a good time to tap into a savings account, even if it’s the one that you’re not supposed to touch. Touching is necessary sometimes. If you don’t’ have a savings account to tap into, then you may have to try to tap into your friends or family members. It’s worth a try if the situation is serious enough.

  3. Sell Your Slightly Used Items

    You can bring some money into your household by reviewing your inventory of items and selling some of the ones that you don’t use. Clothing, jewelry and electronics can bring you a little bit of cash. You can sell them at an online auction, yard sale, flea market or pawn shop. Pawn shops are awesome because you can go back and get your items once your money regenerates.

  4. Ask Your Boss for an Advance

    Believe it or not, some employers are still willing to offer their employees advances in times of trouble. It depends on how long you’ve been working for the company, how much the advance is and how much money you have in for the payroll week. You can’t make a habit of asking, but you can try to go to your boss and see if he will help you.

  5. Visit a Short-Term Lender

    Short-term loans are an option. They can get money to you quickly, but you will have to pay interest and such. Examples of short-term loans are payday advances and options for vehicle owners can be found from companies like the American Cash Advance and Title Loan. Both options may work for you if your credit isn’t exactly favorable.

Don’t get discouraged if you are hurting for money. A way will come to you. Try one of the above suggestions first.

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