Ideas to Stay in Budget When Your Wife is Expecting a Second Baby

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Your partner will push out Baby number two in a few months’ time and you haven’t start budgeting? Wonder if you could still afford to give to a second darling? Don’t panic! We are here to get you through this phase.

The first pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience. In fact, you will discover new things every day. Second pregnancy, on the other hand, may hit you hard with financial thoughts. Your first child had already exceeded financial expectations, so you must be careful this time.

Here’s a friendly reminder: Don’t throw bucks on everything others recommend you to buy. Children have diverse likes and dislike; what your first child seemed happy with perhaps be of no use this time.

What’s worse is that rushing out on a friend’s invitation for entertainment on a boring weekend could now possibly turn into a dream. If you are waiting for your bundle of joy to make an appearance, here are a few exciting ideas to help you stay on budget.

Ideas to stay in budget when your wife is expecting a second baby

  • Make a budget

    First, create a budget. Note down all major or minor expenses that you can recall spending with the first child.

    Jot down how much you will be spending on the following:

    • Clothes (rompers, night suits, extra clothes)

    • Diapers and wipes

    • Health expenses (gynecologist and pediatrician visits, epidural, room, labor, tests, medicines, nursing)

    • Travelling (stroller, car seat)

    • Food (for both the mom and the baby)

    • Entertainment (toys, music, parties)

    • Miscellaneous (uncalled doctor visits, groceries)

    • Bills

    Make a mama and baby shopping list and firmly stick to it. Temptations will make you want to buy a lot yet you need to have self-control. You will also have to figure out the amount you have to spend to get an insurance.

    You can also contact your doctor using a reliable telemedicine platform to get answers to common queries and save money on travel and hospital bills.

  • Trim down family expenses

    Track your spending and avoid buying things which are not needed. Calculate your weekly, monthly and yearly budget. Refer to your bank statements, receipts, and financial files and evaluate an average.

    Ponder. Do you need this much grocery? Is it important to go out for dinner twice a week? Do you have to watch a movie in the cinema? You can cut down on these for sure.

    Spending less is always the key to saving more. Check your grocery cart at checkout and remove all items that don’t deserve a place in your pantry.

    Remember, moms to be need to be extra vigilant about their nutrient intake.

  • Don’t buy expensive things. Little ones grow up really fast

    Surely you bought exclusive, first-hand stuff for the first baby? Use those things if they’re still with you. If not, ask friends and family for things like a bassinet, stroller, and electric breast pump and return them after use.

    Don’t opt for costly things now because you have a tight budget. Go for cheaper options. For example, you can buy diapers from retail stores that offer bulk discounts. When you baby is old enough to eat solids, prepare purees and other eatables at home. It is a healthier and much more affordable option.

    Furthermore, you can request a friend or a relative to babysit the kids if needed. This way you won’t have to send your kids to daycare.

  • Look out for sales

    Look out for sales and discount coupons. You would find exciting in-store and online deals so keep your eyes and eyes open. Many brands such Amazon provide great value for money. If you are planning a baby shower, ask your friends and family to bring gift cards instead of gifts. This way you can buy what you want.

    Moms to be —- Avoid buying maternity clothes. Instead, buy loose-fitting clothes and flowy tops. You can perhaps buy a bigger size to fit in easily. Or wear your partner’s clothes for a more enjoyable and convenient option. Those tees and hoodies are comfortable!

  • Work more for a better income

    One of the parents might have to stay back to look after the little ones which might affect your financial situation. Work odd hours and make as much money as you can. Talk to your employer about the leave and how much you will work after the second baby is born.

    Find out how practical is it for both of you to work at the same time. Consider discussing with your partner who will look after the children. The second pregnancy is more challenging when it comes to the career as compared to the first one.

  • Take away:

    Learn from your experiences and try not to repeat mistakes. Relax as much you can. This will cut down the costs as well as save you hours of tiredness. When people offer help, don’t refuse. Accept meals from friends and family.

    Baby-pool with nearby mothers and enjoy your ‘me time’. Stress less and let your children enjoy.

    Identify your goals and work tirelessly towards them. Sticking to the budget is no easy task and requires effort – remember, second babies have unexpected expenses.

    Get rid of unwanted stuff in your home and don’t add unnecessary items to your house. Last, take a deep breath and think about the good times you will spend with your baby.

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