If I Were a Rich Man…

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Millions and billions folks all over the the third world don’t wish or even think about having enough money to be called rich.

They are so f***ing busy doing what they do best carrying empty pockets and empty stomachs when they go to sleep at night.

The rich can’t sleep because they are worried Madoff look-alike might steal from them.

The poor can’t sleep because it’s hard to sleep on empty stomach. How can they? I know, because I am from one of those third world countries.

  • The poor have no place to go but one level below

    Did you know how the world’s poor live on $2 a Day if even that? How that tackles the fundamental question, in one’s mind, of how the poor make ends meet. But they do. Oh, they do!

    They have no place to go except to their final destination. The old adage “When you are at the bottom, there is no way but up.” The poor knows there is another level below – six feet under.

    They must survive before they die. That’s the name of the game thrown upon them by individual societies and by the world at large. They are the orphans and the destitute living among humans.

    By the way, poverty knows no boundary, poverty knows no race or color. It’s everywhere. However, it mostly seems to have stuck in the third world.

  • Look at the cream of the crop


    I am not trying to offend anybody. But look at the second picture.

    She seems to be so f***ing loaded, literally with alcohol as well as financially, that she is flushing her richness down the drain.

    Two sides of the same human coin.

Depending on how you think about richness and how rich you are, here are the lyrics from Fiddler On The Roof.

For him, to be rich is to have few chickens and turkeys and a big staircase going up and another coming down even bigger.

In a Nutshell
Please give generously to the world’s poor. That includes the newly created POD Group here in the United States.

Fiddler on the Roof

Most of you probably have heard the lyrics. Here is the complete “song” sung by Chaim Topol. His name means “Tree of Life!”



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