Insider Secrets for Boosting Blog Traffic

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If you want to get where you’re going, you need a map. How many blog owners decide to write a blog one day and simply open up a program and start writing? On WordPress alone, there are well over 100,000 new blogs opened daily. Odds are most of them are not well-planned. The fact is, if you don’t optimize your blog so that Google notices it, you’ll never get the traffic you’re aiming for.

Whether you’re looking to make money or simply spread the word about your passions, setting up a good base will help you get the word out to more people.

  • Use an Editorial Calendar

    It’s common knowledge that writing blog posts on a regular basis will help to increase your readership. What may be even more important is the topics you cover in your posts. An editorial calendar is a listing that details the subjects, or even the titles, of all your upcoming blog posts. Get an actual, physical calendar and write down the titles or use a file on your computer. The editorial calendar gives you a long-range view for your blog, allowing you to schedule chunks of dates to cover one aspect of a topic before moving on to the next. You’ll be able to schedule posts that tie into current events and holidays while keeping on message. The editorial calendar also ensures that you don’t cover a topic too often, which can bore your readers and prevent them from sharing your content.

  • Use a Website Builder

    You’re a writer and you’re used to communicating with words. But the Internet is increasingly a visual medium. When words are not enough and your blog is quickly judged on its looks, it’s smart to use a website builder to make sure your site looks as good as it can. What is a website builder? It’s a program that eliminates the need for you to learn design skills and programming language. You can find elaborate website builder software to purchase and download, but most web hosting companies offer their own proprietary software for free as part of their hosting packages. Instead of floundering around, trying to figure out what will attract readers, trust the website builder program and its proven designs.

  • Practice Newsjacking

    One of the best ways to boost traffic to your blog is to appear to be an industry expert in your blog topic. Whether you write about wedding flowers or men’s shoes, if you look more knowledgeable than the other bloggers, your blog will earn authority. One great way show leadership is by the practice of newsjacking, or tying in current events with your current blog posts. If you write a blog about wedding flowers and a national grower goes bankrupt, quickly write a story covering the event. Write a new blog post three weeks later when a well-known celebrity gets married carrying the world’s most bizarre bouquet. Set up a Google alert for all the keywords that refer to your blog. You’ll know all the news in your topic just as soon as it happens.

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