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For thousands of years, gold has been seen as an important and valuable precious metal.

Collectors, royals and other wealthy people have secured their fortunes in gold. For 6,000 years, gold has caused wars, created wealth and even been used as currency. Its value goes beyond its shiny, yellow surface.

With a density of 19.23 grams per cubic centimeter, gold is known to be one of the densest metals on the periodic table. In addition to that, it does not rust or lose its shine. The only material which is denser than gold is platinum.

There are many places where you can buy gold as an investment. One of these is Durham Precious Metals. They can buy gold or sell it to you.

Here is more about them and this precious metal too.

  • Discover Durham Precious Metals

    Located in Ontario, Canada, Durham Precious Metals is a company which deals in the sale and purchase of precious metals for investment or other purposes. One of the metals in their purview is gold.

    Whenever an investor approaches Durham for advice on whether to buy gold or any other precious metal, the investment advisors from this company step up and provide advice based on some practical points.

  • Factors to consider when investing in precious metals

    According to the Durham Precious Metals investment advisors, there are a number of factors that you should consider before making an investment in gold.

    Firstly, how much do you intend to invest in precious metals throughout your investment lifetime? If you want to purchase $10,000 of precious metals, then a diversified portfolio is a great option.

    Secondly, if you intend to sell something of value to you and then purchase some precious metals, then gold is the ideal investment. For example, if you sold some real estate, then you should buy gold. It will be easier to store and transport due to low volume and weight while maintaining high value.

    Interestingly, gold is 75 times more valuable than silver. As such, it is 75 times more convenient to purchase. As such, if you are a value investor, gold is the best choice of precious metal. When you purchase high-value metals such as gold, then you can be sure that the eventual investment will be of low bulk, volume and weight. This reduces and keeps the cost of storage and shipping low.

    Currently, gold is trading at $1,321.90 per ounce. It is well known that this precious metal never loses value. This is because supply is much less than the demand, hence the value of gold is always high. If you need a performance record, stores such as Durham can provide you with the price of gold for the last 30 years. This helps you to make an informed choice if you decide to purchase some gold.


Gold is a reliable investment opportunity if you are looking to invest in precious metals. This metal is versatile since it can be used as a currency, in electronics and as jewelry too.

Dealers such as Durham Precious Metals have a variety of weights and brands of gold that you can purchase. Therefore, you can contact them in confidence when looking to make an investment.

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