Interesting Ideas for Trade Show Event Giveaways

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For decades now, trade shows have been at the forefront of business networking, sales lead acquisition, brand exposure and marketing.

However, getting the attention of the mass audience at trade conventions isn’t easy, especially when you consider that your competitors might be seated right at the stand next to your own.

That’s why it is so important to stand out at these events. Of course, you will need to have your best sales reps present, as well as a fascinating stand concept that speaks to potential consumers, but you might also look to trade show giveaways to attract passersby.

Event giveaways are great tools for direct and event marketing, as they are cheap to manufacture, durable, and clearly relate your brand to customers. They also rely on psychology, as nothing speaks to consumers more than receiving free stuff.

So, to make your next trade show appearance a smash hit, here are a couple of simple, yet effective giveaway ideas you will want to invest in during your next trade show appearance.

  • Quality Print T-Shirts

    When generating leads through free stuff at trade shows the first giveaway you should consider is a branded T-shirt. A basic T-shirt plus print can cost less than 1$ per unit, but can last up to several years. Your main considerations when choosing a T-shirt should be the best quality-per-value shirt, and an interesting design that clearly relays your brand and can be worn day-in and day-out.

  • Handy Non Woven Bags

    Branded and handy non woven bags are convenient right on the spot. Once prospects start putting other stand’s materials in the bad, carrying it across the trade show, you will automatically put your brand name out there and be one step ahead of your competitors. Not just for trade show, the durability of quality designed non woven bags also means it will be used for years to come, as well.

  • Sleek Power Banks

    Smartphones have taken over the world, so it’s no wonder that a great trade show giveaway is phone-related. Power banks are, above else useful, and tap into a real necessity among users. You can be sure that the sleek design of your logo will be in everyone’s pocket, ready to charge their phone and promote your company, as soon as the battery starts dying.

  • Branded Smartphone Wallets

    Another way you can take advantage of the smartphone craze is if you choose smart phone wallets as your trade show giveaway. You can play around with different colors and use slogans to capture the audience’s attention. Additionally, you can put in company business cards before you give them away, so the prospect can contact you once he gets the urge to try your product or service.

  • Creative USB Drives

    Another techy giveaway, a USB stick is yet another great giveaway idea in our digital age. With flash drives costing less and less to produce, they’re both affordable and useful. With the current mass production rate of flash drives, you can also choose a creative and cool USB design that will make your leads think of your product or service every time they want to transfer some data.

  • Product or Service Gift Cards

    Gift cards can have a direct effect on your consumers, as it gives them a chance to try out your product or service free of charge. This can easily get potential buyers to stick with your company, once the cards spark awareness. You can also collaborate with your clients or partners, and give your trade show prospects free downloadable music, free restaurant meals, shopping discounts, or free apps.

Long after the trade show has ended, you can be sure that your giveaways are still marketing your brand and working in the favor of your company. The gifts are attracting potential consumers throughout the country, as we speak, and are definitely an investment well spent.

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