Invest in Archival Ink to Get Best Colour and Pigment Quality in Your Artwork

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Just a little compromise on the ink can ruin your 100% dedication in the making of an artwork.

And it’s very true when you ignorantly, forgetfully, or carelessly use any other ink than the best quality archival ink.

Did you know this fact? If not, then possibly you are still in the learning phase of your art and craft domain.

  • Learning from mistakes

    Beginners take time to realise and learn things from their mistakes. And, if you are learning similarly from mistakes, then you know very well how much each mistake costs you, when you see the ruining of quality of the artwork which you made spending so many hours of undivided attention and unfathomable dedication.

    It’s really heartbreaking to see the art bleed colours at places, get faded at places, or just get washed away from colours at places. If you see such devastation of the art or craft work that you created so mindfully and thoughtfully with care, then now is the time to understand what you can do it fix it and avoid it.

  • Archival ink is the solution

    You can forget colour bleeding, washing, bleaching, and fading, and even smudging of the art colour forever in craft making. When you colour some material, fabric, paper etc. in art and craft projects, then you must carefully select your colouring agents.

    Here you need to gather more knowledge. Colouring a vase or bottle, a fabric or special board etc., for craft making should not utilise general colours. The general use of acrylic, watercolour, normal inks, markers, or alcohol ink etc. should be avoided here. Instead, you must try Archival ink.

  • What is archival ink?

    The archival ink is a special ink made from the best dyes, which will not bleed, get fade or bleached with time, won’t lose brightness and colour pigments, and will always stay crisp and bright. It will not get washed away with water or alcohol, and will not lose the freshness of colour.

    Moreover, archival ink is non-toxic, non-acidic, and completely safe for handling and use. That is why artists who work professionally use this ink mainly for all their work.

  • Archival ink is available in so many forms to use

    Archival ink is used in archival pens, cartridges, printers, markers etc. Whatever mode of work you need it for, you would get the ink in that form to cater to your work. This is one of the most popular forms of permanent ink to help you create the best quality artwork.

    When working with paper, try archival paper with the ink, and you would get stunning results. Both resist fading, smudging, washing, and weathering. Hence a combination of archival paper and ink can be great for your artwork.

  • Why archival inks are permanent

    Archival inks are permanent because of their colourfast properties. The colourfastness is caused because of the dyes on it. The ink pigments come from a dye which permanently stains the paper or surface it is used on. Hence whatever impression you once make with this ink, it stays forever.

  • How to make your work the best quality with archival ink

    If you are unsure of buying lots of archival ink initially, as you are still in the learning process to use it, handle it etc., you may try something reasonable. Instead of investing on the cartridge or refill why not try ink pads!

    The pads would also contain ink, and you may use a stamp to transfer that ink to your art paper or material. This way you can use the ink in controlled amount without smearing and smudging here and there. The possibility of wrong use and permanent stains on unwanted places can also be minimised with this.

  • Avoid cheap quality work

    When you invest in high-quality archival ink, then your work quality bar also rises. If you are commercialising your work, you must retain the high quality with the use of the best quality materials, supplies, and the pigments.

    Avoiding cheap quality supplies is very important to make an impression with your artwork quality. The best quality ink and supplies can be bought from dedicated art and craft supply stores. There are many reputed names online. And wholesale art and craft supply stores can fetch you the best quality ink and pads at the best prices too.


If you believe in good quality designing, art making, or craft practising, then it’s much important to invest in the best quality art and craft supplies and accessories.

Dedicating hours on artwork, and then seeing its colours bleed or get fade or change with time is really upsetting. And if you have sold it to a client, then you may face more criticism.

Hence, to avoid all that shame you can invest in archival ink, and many other high-grade art and craft supplies for the best quality work by you.

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