Investing 101: Five Financial Territories You Haven’t Explored

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When investing, people are always looking for the next opportunity. While most people stick with the most well-known options such as the stock market, bonds, real estate and precious metals there are a number of other investment opportunities for smart investors to make their fortune pursuing.

Foreign currencies from various countries provide investors with a number of financial territories that often go unexplored by most people.
Investing 101 Five Financial Territories You Haven't Explored

  1. Iraqi Dinar

    Exotic currencies are some of the most interesting yet overlooked avenues for investors to make substantial gains. Using the services of online foreign exchange brokerage firms, investors can speculate on the strength or weakness of various exotic currencies including euros, pounds, yuan and dinar. Iraqi dinar are some of the more intriguing currencies available for speculation.

    For example, at the current dinars exchange rate $1,020 US Dollars will buy an investor one million dinar. Investors looking to diversify and reduce risk can find many great deals with the dinar and other foreign currencies.

  2. Vietnamese Dong

    Listed as one of the most under-valued currencies in the world, the Dong is poised to help investors make substantial profits in the coming years. With Vietnam averaging 7% annual growth and looking to lay the groundwork to become a modern, industrialized nation by 2020, smart investors would do well to give the Dong a serious look.

    Like the Dinar, which was reported by IQD News to have a promising future, the Dong’s future seems almost limitless.

  3. South Korean Won

    The Won is another overlooked foreign currency of investors. A currency that has proven itself to be able to have sustained growth under difficult economic circumstances, experts see it as being able to absorb the pressure from the European debt crisis and come out ahead on the other side.

    As one of the few developed countries that avoided a recession during the global financial crisis, South Korea’s Won is a smart choice.

  4. Chinese Yuan

    While a somewhat risky move for investors because of rumors of government undervaluing to keep the country’s exports affordable, this currency is capable of providing some positive surprises.

    With inflation at just over 5% and unemployment at 4%, the rise of the country’s middle-class could spell great investment opportunities in the currency.

  5. Indonesian Rupiah

    Another country undergoing great change, Indonesia is one of only a few markets to outperform the S&P 500 the past two years. With one of the highest economic growth rates worldwide, investors can look to Indonesia with confidence.

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