Investment 101: 4 Tips for Knowing Where to Put Your Money

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For many, finances are extremely complicated. The lack of knowledge behind investing and how to begin this process keeps many from ever beginning it.

Luckily, there are many different ways to invest your money. They have their own set of benefits and negative aspects making them more or less ideal for certain investors.

So, what are four possible options for where you can put your money when you choose to invest it?

  • Real Estate

  • Tax Sheltered Accounts

  • ETF’s

  • Alternative Investments

Investment 101 4 Tips for Knowing Where to Put Your Money

  1. Real Estate

    For those willing to get their hands dirty, owning and operating real estate as a land lord may be a great investment opportunity.

    As a real estate owner, you will be responsible for fixing any issues with the house or commercial property. These types of investments can be time consuming but can yield high returns if you’ve found the right tenants.

  2. Tax Sheltered Accounts

    Perhaps the safest and most cost effective location to make investments are in tax sheltered accounts such as a 401k or an Individual Retirement Account.

    These accounts allow you to either avoid paying income tax on the money put into the accounts or avoid paying income tax on the money you’ve accrued in the account over time.

    Typically, 401k’s are employer sponsored and can come with a free match meaning you get even more for your investing dollars.

  3. ETF’s

    Many investors who are unaware about investing think that the only way to invest money is in individual stocks. And while this is one form of investing, it takes a great deal of research and study. Luckily, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) allow you to own a small portion of many different companies.

    ETF’s can be specific to one specific industry such as energy or financials, or they can be more all-encompassing of an entire stock market index.

  4. Alternative Investments

    Investors often shy away from alternative investments because they are seen as too risky but those who can effectively make alternative investments can profit handsomely. One of the most well-known alternative investments is cryptocurrency which relies largely on block chain technology to serve as an alternative to more traditional payment systems.

    Luckily, there are companies such as Bitmaster Pro which allow you to make more informed decisions as opposed to the “gambling” that many claim cryptocurrency investors engage in.

Everyone’s investment strategy is difference and is based largely on their risk tolerance. By finding the right investment strategy for you, you can begin to have your money work for you.

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