IRS Hits Minorities To Boost Tax Revenues

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To boost tax revenues, IRS hits minorities and hits them enough that some folks think the agency is racist and being racist coming from a branch of the U.S. Government is serious business. Needless to say it’s against the law to discriminate against minorities by a U.S. agency. If you are a minority especially of African American or Hispanic persuasion, you should take extra precautions when you file your tax return. Your return better be 100% correct.

A new study was conducted recently for by Thomas M. Evans, CEO of Tax Lifeboat in which it found data that can be considered discriminatory against minorities especially the two groups mentioned above. This kind of doings by the IRS will push these folks to be a part of cash and shadow economy instead of taking part in the mainstream of the nation. Besides how much can the Treasury get from minorities in taxes? Their income is mostly below the poverty line.

Evans stresses strongly that the disproportionate number of IRS actions against minorities isn’t intentional. Rather, he charges, it’s the result of overly rigid, highly-automated enforcement policies that waste taxpayer money by pursuing low-earners who either can’t pay, or owe virtually nothing.

The highly-automated enforcement policies that Evans mentions in his report is how humans program the computers. These machines would do what IRS tells them to do. So the policies were set by IRS and the computers were programmed accordingly.

As anyone who has ever worked as a designer and developer of software would back up my statement that computers follow humans. They would act according to how they were programmed. So these openly discriminatory policies were set up from the very beginning in the design process. The functional and design specifications must have been signed off by higher authorities in IRS. That is the normal procedure in any organization.

National Taxpayer Advocate, Nina Olson, said…

“The IRS policies fail to address the needs of low income taxpayers, and its lien-filing policies are harming and will continue to harm taxpayers’ financial viability without strong evidence that they promote future compliance with the tax laws or even bring in substantial revenue.”

It’s ironic that IRS would chase minorities to boost tax revenue. We all know that’s not where the big money is. It is obviously with Corporate and rich folks and that should be the big source of tax collection. And we all know what persuasion the rich folks belong to.

These minorities don’t look for any kind of loopholes. They can’t hire accountants to find loopholes in the tax code. Largely because of their lack of knowledge of the tax laws, they might unknowingly commit the violations that are easiest to detect. It’s the rich that are experts in the tax business. If there is a loophole in tax code, their accountants would find it.

There is an old saying in my mother tongue

“A stone falling from the sky always hits the orphans.” The minorities and the jobless are the orphans. The big irony is that

  • Minorities are accepted by a statue made of steel with a kind heart.
  • Minorities are rejected by IRS folks made of flesh with a steel heart.

In a Nutshell
We can sum up the difference between rich and poor minority in just two mutually exclusive statements regarding taxes:

  1. The more you make, the less you pay – ever heard of loopholes?
  2. The less you make, the more you pay – never heard of loopholes?
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