IRS Hunting 17,000 New Yorkers For Stimulus Checks

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On October 24, 2008, New York Daily News ran a story about IRS hunting 17,000 New Yorkers owed $13.8M in refund, stimulus checks.

NY Daily News has a database with all the 17,000 plus names stored in it. So if you are a New Yorker and live in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City, search your name in it. All names are in alphabetical order so you should not have any problems looking up your name.

New Yorkers, I envy you. IRS may be looking for you – but this is one of the few rare occasions where you don’t have to run and hide. This time you can confront the IRS head-on. Take advantage of this situation.

The agency is trying to track down certain taxpayers who are missing their economic stimulus checks or their regular refund checks.

Due to mailing errors, some 17,000 New York City residents are owed a total of $7.1 million in economic stimulus checks and $6.7 million in regular refund checks that were returned by the post office.

If you still haven’t received your stimulus check, you have until Nov. 28 to update your address with the tax agency.

Read the article in New York Daily News in full: IRS hunting 17,000 New Yorkers owed $13.8M in refund, stimulus checks.

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