IRS Seeks To Return $266 Million To Americans

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On Oct. 23, 2008, IRS posted this news about IRS Seeks to Return $266 Million. The Internal Revenue Service is looking for taxpayers who are missing more than 279,000 economic stimulus checks totaling about $163 million and more than 104,000 regular refund checks totaling about $103 million that were returned by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors.

  • Stimulus Payments

    It is crucial that taxpayers who may be due a stimulus check update their addresses with the IRS by Nov. 28, 2008. By law, economic stimulus checks must be sent out by Dec. 31 of this year. The undeliverable economic stimulus checks average $583.

  • Regular Refunds

    The regular refund checks that were returned to the IRS average $988. These checks are resent as soon as taxpayers update their address.

  • So, all a taxpayer has to do is update his or her address once

    The IRS will then send out all checks due. Don’t be scared. You have already sent out your tax forms to IRS. The IRS owes you money.

You can check IRS – Where is my stimulus payment? When you get to that page, do the below:

  • Enter your Social Security Number

    Remember that’s the SSN you entered on your 2007 return. Check it again and again. That’s how you have a better chance to receive your stimulus check.

  • Enter your filing status

    Single, married, etc.

  • And finally…

    Enter the total number of exemptions, exactly how many you entered on your 2007 return. Be as correct and consistent as possible.

  • Click on Submit

I have already received my stimulus and refund payments. Hurry! time may be short. Again, you have until Dec. 31,2008 to claim your stimulus payments. And update your address with the IRS by Nov. 28, 2008.

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