Is a Career with Three Mobile the Safest Bet?

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Three mobile is a telephone and internet service provider that operated in the UK as a subsidiary of Hutchinson.

Three was launched in 2003 and it was Britain’s very first video mobile network. Quite a unique way of entering the market, right?

Three provides 3G and 4G services to their ever expanding base of customers via their proprietary network using their own infrastructure. When it was first launched, they started off by promoting their network service and shortly afterwards they began to sell mobile devices. In December 2004, the company announced that they were the first in the UK to meet their regulatory requirement of population coverage of 80%.

They opened two stores in London and one in Birmingham, and they sold their handsets and services in several of the popular telecoms shops across Britain. The following year saw Three rise to success when they announced they had purchased a further 9 shops on the high street from their fellow telecoms company O2.

  • Three Mobile is beautifully unique

    Three is unique because of its great app called In touch. This essentially allowed their customers to reroute incoming calls and text messages over a local Wi-Fi connection when they could not get a signal. This was a feature appealing to the customers because they never lose network.

    They also formed a joint venture with the Virgin Wi-Fi networks meaning customers could use the Wi-Fi on the London underground. This is amazing, right?

  • Customer service is their mission and vision

    Three Mobile boasts of being a customer centered organization. This is deeply embedded in the company’s mission and philosophy. They have tailored their services and products around the notion of making life easier for their customers, offering the best value and minimum frustration.

    They have implemented several offers and services since launching in 2003,whichputs them a cut above the rest.

    These include:

    • Being the first company to launch unlimited data

    • Customers can make calls and text friends and family in the UK as well as using their data plan at no extra charge when travelling to a wide range of international destinations

    • They offer some of the lowest prices on devices and contract tariffs.

  • Great Career Opportunities

    Have you ever thought of working for Three Mobile? Well, this is a dream career especially for those who are into telecommunications. At Three, you will gain more than just colleagues; you will make friends for life. This is something that everyone wants. You can consider Three when you are looking for a job.

    Three Mobile offers you a lot of benefits as their employee. They give you the following benefits

    • Discount on contracts.
      This gives you an opportunity to enjoy their efficient services at lower costs.

    • Psychosocial support.
      This means that the likelihood of plunging into stress is low

    • Training courses to help you improve your skills,

    • Nice working hours
      This gives you time to balance other aspects of life. It gives you an opportunity to bond with your family. Also, this can give you a chance to do another part time job.

Three Mobile offers great services for its customers. It also values its employees and gives them the best they have to offer. If you are looking for a job, first get in-touch with Three mobile contact line.

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