Is Microsoft Surface an iPad Killer?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 2:00 AM | Comments are off

Microsoft‘s latest tablet is in competition with the popular Apple iPad. Most of the people are stumbling upon “must have” applications of Microsoft and, in addition to this, the discussion has started among many IT experts that the Microsoft Surface is not an Apple iPad killer.

The discussion over here would be revolving around the reasons, which distinguish Microsoft Surface from Apple iPad.

  1. Hate for Eight:

    Many people are unhappy from this Microsoft surface. This is because they say that it provides vista-like surface. Many users believe that it seems that Microsoft have purchased a new dress and attached it with a pantsuit.

  2. Identity Crisis:

    This surface pretends to be act like a tablet and a PC, which is a constant failure with respect to its users. This is because they never feel it competitive as compared to iPad.

  3. Developers, Developers, and Developers:

    The two most crucial players in IT market are Apple and Android. Both of them are having best user interfaces, which are being used in almost their every Smartphone. Skilled developers have developed these interfaces.

    However, the major factor being considered by Apple is economy. It believes that the more users it will have, the more it will be easy to attract other prospects.

    Microsoft is trying to copy such ideas of Apple and is working hard to hire more experienced and skilled developers for this purpose. The company is striving hard to provide touch-oriented apps for Windows 8 but still developers are moving more towards Apple because of big profits and bright future openings.

  4. Playing Out of Position:

    Microsoft Surface focuses on making hardware but their major expertise is in software areas. This is because company’s revenue is fully generated from there.

    Hardware areas of Microsoft are not much economical for the organization. For example, Xbox 360 gaming is more successful than Zune MP3 and Kin phone.

    Moreover, Microsoft Surface directly competes with the traditional hardware partners i.e. HP, Dell etc., which take them back to Windows mobiles instead of Apple products.

  5. No Cool Factor:

    According to the latest researches, Apple is one of the best and coolest companies on the earth. This is because it can generate both technology-push and market-pull products.

    Market pull products are being launched on the user’s demands, whereas technology push products are not being demanded by anyone but they are just an extended/advanced versions of previous products i.e. iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

    On the contrary, Microsoft does not provide any cool product or attractiveness in their products except Microsoft Office Suit.

Final Words:
The above mentioned reasons are very few to discuss the fact that Microsoft surface cannot be an iPad killer, which means that no built-in demand exists for the Microsoft Surface tablet in IT domains.

Moreover, the endless comparisons with iPad never supported the fact one should prefer it on iPad in any case.

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