IT Recruitment and Careers – Top 10 Tips

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When an employer is searching for someone to work for them, they expect to recruit the best candidate in the field.

Use of recruitment firms has increased in recent years. Employers find it easier and convenient to use. People who are searching for jobs also use other methods like posting their resume on online job boards.

Potential employers can use those websites to search for the candidate possessing the skills are qualifications they need.

Other online platforms like social media are also playing a big role in job searching and employment today.

In most of the recruitment sites, one is able to get important information regarding the positions available from different companies and potential employers. Information such as the requirements expected; if the job requires a highly skilled professional with many years of experience or it is an entry-level job, and if the job is a permanent or temporary basis.

Potential employer informs the recruitment firms about the vacant position and the required qualification for the specific position. On the other hand, job seekers post or forward their detailed resumes, attached with any other document that may be required.

When recruiting new personnel, the employer may decide to involve their staff in the hiring process. They can help them choose the best candidate qualified for the job. Current staff can also recommend a potential and talented candidate to their employer. This gives the staff motivation and they feel part of the team. If there is a qualified candidate in the current staff, it is important to consider them first before searching from outside.

The use of Information Technology has rapidly increased, and a requirement in almost all sectors to have the skills. Employers are seeking to hire people who have knowledge and skills in use of technology, thus increasing IT recruitment and careers at different levels, either managerial, operational or use of mobile applications among others.

The industry is growing more than any other sector and it is important to ensure that when recruiting; the candidate is innovative and is able to keep up with new technologies and improve their skill with time. Companies and businesses use technology for information management and presentation. They require people with skills ranging from data entry to software development.

Employers are careful when recruiting an employee making sure that they have knowledge in use of technology and they are able to apply it in different fields. The candidate should have strong technical capabilities, ready to learn new skills with changing technologies in the market. This is a growing and always changing field, one has to keep up with emerging technologies to be successful and stay competitive.

Top 10 tips in general

  1. Good employer – have a good profile as an employer offering good working conditions and environment.

  2. Salary – Offer a good salary to be able to attract good and skilled employees.

  3. Attractive package – apart from paying your employees well, add other benefits such as medical cover, offer gifts to the best employee of the year among other benefits.

  4. Internal advertisement – make sure that when there is a vacant position in the company you consider the current staff if they qualify before searching elsewhere.

  5. Staff involvement – share with your current staff of new positions and let them assist you in the hiring process.

  6. Recruitment firms – use recruitment firms, social media, and other online job boards.

  7. Experience – look for qualified candidates with the experience that will help them do the job.

  8. Online recruitment – make use of the company’s website to advertise vacant positions. This gives potential candidate more information about the company and the job.

  9. Background check – use the references given in the resume to learn more about the candidate. Ask previous employers about the character of the candidate.

  10. Recruit the best – choose the best candidate in the field. Make sure they have the skills and the talent you require.

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