Items Around Your Home You Can Sell for Some Extra Cash for the Holidays

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 6:00 PM | Leave Comment

Looking for ways to rack up extra cash this holiday season?

Before you fill out those job applications or take out a loan, take a look around the home.

You could very well have more than enough cash for the holiday season by selling valuable items, no longer needed items, etc.

Exactly what type of items around the home should you consider selling for extra cash?

  • Clothing

    Everyone wears clothing and so, selling pieces in the closet that you no longer wear, that no longer fit, or that simply no longer meet your style can fill your pockets with cash. Consignment shops, online stores, and local sales groups provide a fast way to sell clothing, shoes, and accessories that you do not want.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry always brings quick cash if it is real gold. Rings, bracelets, diamonds, and charms are a few jewelry pieces you can sell to private buyers, a pawn shop, or via other strategies and pocket money. Never sell jewelry that has special meaning. You will likely regret it later.

  • Collectibles

    If you are a collector, those pieces likely have a lot of value behind them if you are willing to part with gold coins, stamps, dolls, and other collectible items. Many people sell gold coins around the holidays. Lots of gold coin buyers are around, making the sale much easier.

  • Baby and Kids Gear

    Although some baby items (think cribs, car seats) cannot be sold, many others can, and new parents and parents-to-be want what you have. We all know that baby gear and kids’ goods cost a lot of money. Often, kids use these items for only short periods. Buying second hand gives them a chance to get like-new items at a more affordable price. You can sell baby and kids gear at consignment and specialty stores and other online retailers, via yard and garage sales, and even to friends and family.

  • Electronics

    Video game systems, TVs, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and other electronics cost a ton of money brand new but offer great deals when bought second hand. What have you ready to offer? Sell your unwanted electronics for quick cash. Learn the item’s value and then head to social media, text message, or even ads in the local newspaper to quickly sell your electronic items.

Having some extra cash can be helpful during this time of year. Go through your home and see what items you have to sell for some quick money.

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