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Saturday, March 24, 2012, 2:00 AM | Leave Comment is a site devoted almost entirely to entrepreneurship and startups. The Tech Startup Job Board features opportunities with startups in the fields of Software Development, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Design and a few others. Not only have numerous job listings at startups, they have over 225 interviews with people from some of the companies explaining what they are about and what they are looking for in an employee.

The website states: “By focusing on the tech startup space, we have found that we can bring together startups with people that are specifically interested in and familiar with the dynamic and high growth nature of startups.”

In addition to the job board interviews startup entrepreneurs and CEOs about their businesses. The website further states: “Our interviews focus on their ideas, insights, experiences, and goals for each business.”

It was originally started by Nathan Kaiser as a way to conduct informational interviews to help him with his business career. also hosts tech networking events in Seattle, Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

Look no further

The categories for jobs at nPost are given below. Please feel free to check out any job opening. Put down the newspaper. Look no further. A job opportunity with a startup is just a click away.

Join a dynamic and growing team and have an impact from day one!

nPost has:

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