Keep Track Of Saving Opportunities On Your Mobile Phone

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My 20-year old son is very much careless about using his debit card. He uses it to buy $3 or $5 worth of fast food just to satisfy his craving for it. He is not careful enough to check his debit account whether he has the money in the account or not. Three times during the last month it so happened that he charged for the food and he didn’t have enough money to cover it. So each time, he was charged $35 fee for over-drafting his account. The total $12 food cost him an extra $105.

Here is how you can avoid that extra fee. Talk to your bank about the following suggestions so that it can alert you before you pay. Have the bank alert you when:

  • Your debit card purchases exceed an amount you choose
  • Your available balance falls below an amount you specify
  • Your checks post or when your credit card reaches a certain limit
  • Your credit card or mortgage payment is due
  • So no matter where you are and what you wanna pay for, it’s easy to stay informed and keep your savings goals in sight.

In a Nutshell
It’s easy to set up and change alerts. Sit with your banker. He/she will explain it to you. Ask questions. Avoid paying that extra $35 fee. Remember the old adage: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

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