Lawsuit Against Discover For Lack Of Ethics

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Discover Bank has been found to lack ethics which has turned into deceptive and unethical business practices. These practices include payment protection, identity theft protection, wallet protection and credit score tracking products without the consent of consumers. Minnesota has joined New Jersey alleging that Discover has been engaging in deceiving their states’ residents in the said practices. The State’s Attorney General Lori Swanson filed a lawsuit on Monday.

The lawsuit alleges that Discover Bank and its affiliated processing company made aggressive and misleading telemarketing calls to sign people up for these products, deceiving people to sign up for the add-on products without their knowledge. It further alleges that in some cases, Discover is charging consumers for enrollment without agreement from the consumer. How tricky can you get?

New York Times reported…

In response to a query seeking the bank’s comment on the lawsuit, Matthew Towson, a spokesman for Discover, said via e-mail that “it’s not in Discover’s interest to sell a product that doesn’t enhance our relationship with our cardmembers.”

“Many cardmembers find Discover’s protection products valuable as they provide peace of mind. Discover seeks to maintain long-term relationships with our cardmembers and for that reason, we have enjoyed the highest level of customer loyalty among leading credit card brands for 13 years.” In addition, he said that “Discover doesn’t comment on pending litigation.“

Everybody has to disagree with Discover. All these features are good and dandy if and only if a customer has specifically agreed to these protections.

I as an immigrant

I came to the States to avoid these kinds of deceptions in my home country where I was born and raised. The shit would never leave us alone anywhere in the world, not in the States, not any place else. These are shitty practices that belong to a third world country. It seems to becoming the norm in everyday life in the States.

My story with Verizon…

I tell you my story with Verizon. We are a family of four. We have Verizon Wireless family package. On one phone, without our consent, written or verbal, Verizon enabled text messages and some shit for data access. And guess who was sending us text and data. You guessed it, Verizon. And the company was charging us for their shitty text and data. They were promoting their own shit.

I told the woman I was so mad I wanted to use foul language with her which of course I didn’t. It was not her fault. She had nothing to do with it. It is Verizon corporate policy. “Oh, we need money. We are losing money. How about enabling this guy’s family and millions others the ability for texting and data download whether they want or not.”

Without consent, sex becomes forced sex. Under the law, forced sex is rape. These companies are raping the American people financially.

Even though Verizon did that without our consent, we had to pay close to $60 for something we didn’t ask for. Nobody sent us text and nobody sent us data except Verizon for its own promotion. And it charged us for that. How shitty and fucked up can an organization get, not to mention greedy?

O! U.S. Immigrants

You might think you have left shit in your home countries. Think again. The shit has stuck with you here in the States. The difference is that it is being done by American companies. Watch out for these and other hidden features.

Their computers are set up for enabling these features by default. The problem is that they won’t tell you and you won’t know about them until you receive their shitty bill. I am personally so sick and tired of these nonsense practices. But what can the consumer do? Nothing much. We need their basic services but anything beyond they better get my consent, period.

In a Nutshell
Even though I don’t live in Minnesota or New Jersey, I wholeheartedly support them and support the consumers in these states. Get the money back from these organizations and give it to those who were affected by these deceptive practices.

I have a separate category of Beware the scams and protect your finances and that has become one of the biggest categories on this blog.

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