Learn about the Impact of Testosterone on Women

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Testosterone is actually a male sex hormone. However, both females and males have it in their bodies.

For most women, it is observed that they would be witnessing a drop in the testosterone levels during menopause and that could be contributing to both physical and emotional side effects.

You must be aware that testosterone supplements are actually available in diverse forms such as skin patches, topical creams, injections, and oral tablets and they could be producing both negative and positive side effects in women who take testosterone therapy.

  • Boost in Libido

    Women who are used to taking testosterone would be experiencing a boost in their sex drive or libido.

    One of the most striking symptoms of low testosterone in women and men is a sudden decline in sexual desire.

    Women who experience low desire but who do not seem to have lower-than-usual estrogen levels could be benefitted profusely from testosterone therapy for reversing a case of a decrease in the overall sexual appetite.

    Experts constantly remind women about the fact that testosterone is certainly not a definite cure.

    In case all factors in a relationship are not working toward a healthy sex life, then hormone therapy would not bring the expected results on its own. You may check out the testosterone for sale – testosterone online – legalsteroidshere.com for more information.

  • Heightened Mood

    As per the findings of many studies, both post and pre-menopausal women would be experiencing a lift in their overall mood.

    They would be experiencing an enhanced overall well-being and a boost in energy after consuming the testosterone supplements.

    The studies further proved that women experienced an enhanced cognitive function, and that may include memory, while on the hormone therapy.

  • A Boost in Bone Mass

    Testosterone therapy could be helpful in safeguarding you from osteoporosis.

    Women who are used to taking high oral testosterone doses called supraphysiologic doses are often successful in preventing osteoporosis or the weakening of your bones due to menopause because the hormone levels would start fluctuating.

  • Negative Side Effects

    Women who are using testosterone therapy for counteracting menopausal effects like sexual dysfunction or depression may sometimes experience negative effects of testosterone along with certain positive side effects.

    Studies have revealed that supraphysiologic testosterone doses could result in liver damage.


We know that both men and women would be experiencing a broad spectrum of symptoms due to low testosterone levels in the body such as weight gain, fatigue, mental fogginess, and also, low libido.

Testosterone therapy could effectively relieve all these symptoms. It is believed that low testosterone levels would trigger low libido in menopausal women. This common complaint could be tackled successfully with appropriate testosterone therapy.

Several studies have conclusively proved that testosterone therapy could prove to be immensely beneficial in menopausal women as it could be relieving all the symptoms associated with menopause, including incontinence, urinary urgency, hot flushes, and vaginal dryness.

Moreover, testosterone therapy would be safeguarding you against cardiovascular events by effectively dilating blood vessels along with boosting blood flow. Additionally, testosterone therapy would be reducing the risk of getting type-2 diabetes simply by lowering the insulin resistance effectively.

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