Learning the Art of Team Building Through Fun and Exciting Games

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Team Building has always been in focus for organizations. No HR professional can afford to lose sight of team building that contributes to the success of any organization no matter how big or small it might be.

Whether it is a small business of 10-15 people or a huge Corporation of thousands of workers, any discussion about optimizing human resources for increasing productivity has to consider team building as the prime driver.

Teams are critical for any business organization because to achieve multitasking that leads to improved productivity you have to ensure close bonding between people so that they work together with a selfless attitude and perform as a team.

Teams can expedite the business processes and provide the competitive edge in business.

  • Building teams

    Teams do not exist in a vacuum, and the management must provide it space and opportunity to create a cohesive unit of people committed to performing tasks for meeting some business objectives. In simple words, team building is an activity that every management has to adapt in its ways to give shape to high performing teams.

    The primary objective of team building is to generate trust among the team members that form the foundation of a good team.

    Trust is the binding force among the team members, and the experts recommend several types of activities and games to help achieve it.

    Another aspect of team building is to remove interpersonal conflicts within the team that can create bottlenecks in executing tasks smoothly.

    The third factor that goes into team building is that it breaks down barriers and introduces the concept of collaboration.

  • Team building games

    The concepts of team building are too much theoretical, and it is difficult to explain its usefulness and applicability unless you can demonstrate it.

    Most importantly, the team members have to be convinced about its workability so that they can accept it wholeheartedly that could motivate them to apply it in the workplace.

    It requires proper demonstration of the concepts through activities and games created especially for the purpose. While such activities used to remain confined within the exclusive domain of the HR specialists, it has now broken the shackles and become public.

    It is now possible to conduct a workshop for Team Building Activity NYC by booking a room at the games parlor of Escape Room in Harlem.

  • Games for collaboration

    The games of Escape Room are ideal to practice team building, as the basic tenets of collaboration and strategizing remain embedded in it.

    To win the games, one has to make use of several HR skills including critical thinking and problem solving, tolerating ambiguity, proper communication, and trusting and depending on others, devising strategy under pressure and adjusting to changing environments.

    Only by applying the skills as and when required that it becomes possible for the team to escape from the room to claim victory.

The excitement and thrills of the games convey some serious message to the players as they learn to respect each other to achieve the ultimate objective of winning.

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