Little Ways To Save Big Bucks On Groceries

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We all want to save money any which way we can. Even the rich would take certain steps to bargain and save some money. Sometimes it’s not a question of whether you can afford it or not, you would definitely bargain with the seller to give you better deal.

However, no one wants to spend time washing used aluminum foil.

Here are some practical and proven easy ways to save real money on groceries.

  • Avoid, avoid, avoid

    Avoid convenience stores, gourmet shops and specialty markets. All these stores are quite expensive and avoid them as you possibly can.

  • Weigh all produce

    Did you know that the actual weight of prebagged carrots can be less than the weight printed on the bag?

  • Buy dry staples by the case

    Many supermarkets will give regular customers a discount when they buy in bulk.

  • Shop once a week – with a list

    By avoiding impulse shopping, you can save at least 15% a year. Buy only what’s on your list.

  • Stretch and bend

    Supermarkets stock the most popular items at eye level. These are also more expensive due to marketing costs. They are designed to encourage impulse buying.

  • Buy store-brand products

    For more than 30 years, I have been buying store-brand products which are mostly made by brand-name manufacturers. The only difference is the label and the price.

  • Avoid convenience foods

    This includes fruit and salad bars, prechopped cabbage, presliced carrots, and other such items. The premiums you pay for a few minutes’ time are exorbitant.

  • Don’t buy more meat or produce than you need

    Ask the butcher or produce clerk to package the amount you need.

  • Coupons

    Ask if your supermarket will accept other stores’ coupons. Many stores do this but don’t advertise it.

In a Nutshell
There are many more ways to save on groceries. Be creative and be consistent. You will save 15% to 20% of your total bill. That can be a good sum of money.

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