Looking For Fast Ways To Make Money? 6 Ideas You Haven’t Considered

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Anybody can come into a situation where they need to make quick cash. Here are 5 ways to make legitimate money fast.

Looking For Fast Ways To Make Money- 5 Ideas You Haven't Considered

  1. Sell Scrap Metal

    Metal recyclers and scrap yards will pay by the pound for new or used items made from non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, and aluminum, or ferrous materials like iron and steel.

    Copper is the most valuable type of scrap metal, usually selling for around $3 a pound depending on the location. The most common forms of copper are copper wire and copper pipes.

    Brass is also a valuable metal that can sell for more than $2 a pound at certain locations.

  2. Return Stuff

    Returning past purchases is an efficient way to make quick cash. Any items that were bought in the past 90 days that still have the tags on and are brought back with a receipt can be returned for cash back.

    For further details, one needs to check the individual store’s return policy. If the receipt wasn’t kept, some stores like Wal-Mart allow lenient returns for items that cost less than $25.

    Other stores can find the receipt if an individual shows their credit card that they used.

  3. Collect Loose Change

    It is estimated that the average household has $90 in loose change. Smart places to check include car sets, the bottom of a washing machine, car glove compartments, and pockets of pants and coats.

    Once the money is accumulated a person can go the bank or use Coinstar machines to convert it. It is important to remember that the Coinstar machine charges a fee of 9.8 cents per dollar in the U.S.

  4. Sell Unused Gift Cards

    There are legitimate websites where an individual can sell their unused gift cards like CardCash or Cardpool.

    One will not receive face value for their card, but both sites pay up to 92 percent of the total value.

    The money will be sent in one or two business days after receiving the card in the mail.

  5. Get a Deposit Back

    Anybody who has less-then-stellar credit history knows that a water company or another utility company can charge for a security deposit before opening a account.

    Laws differ from state to state, but generally a utility company must pay back the deposit after 12 months of consistent payments.

  6. Grab A Loan

    This is an idea that can always be used in a pinch, but shouldn’t be relied upon. The experts from Sam Light Loan Company say this is an option that is always available, so it can be turned to when you really need it.

Depending on the amount of energy and time one puts into these activities, somebody can receive a part-time income. Additionally, these activities are considered the easiest ways to make some quick cash.

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