Low on Dough: Three Ways to Make Extra Money

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How often does your paycheck run out before your work week does? If you are frequently finding yourself low on cash, here are three easy ways to make a little extra spending money today.

Low on Dough Three Ways to Make Extra Money

  1. Sell Your Blood Plasma

    Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that transports blood cells, nutrients, waste products and hormones throughout your veins and arteries to every part of your body. It is donated in a process that involves draining some blood from your body, separating the plasma and then returning the blood back to your body, where your body will naturally make more plasma.

    You can donate plasma up to twice a week in sessions that take about a half an hour. Plasma donation pays up to $35 a time and is a great, flexible option for healthy, drug-free individuals.

  2. Rent out a Room in Your Home

    If you have extra space in your home, you may consider renting out a room. Whether you choose someone you know to move in as a roommate or someone you do not know to live in a separate part of your house, having someone else living in your home can really free up your expenses.

    You can collect an initial deposit and the first month’s rent to get cash fast, and then wait for monthly checks to roll in. While being a landlord does usually require you to be responsible for fixing up your tenant’s living space, it can be the perfect money making opportunity for a handyman with room to spare.

  3. Sell Unused Stuff Lying Around Your House

    If you have unused and unwanted items lying around your house, you can sell them for cash. Random household goods can be sold in garage sales, outgrown children’s clothing can be sold at consignment shops, and jewelry can be sold at a place such as this jewelry pawn shop in Columbus.

    Even if you do not think you have much of value in your home, by selling several small household goods for a few dollars each, your money can really add up. While selling unused items may not make for a long-term business plan, it is a great way to come up with some quick cash when you are short on funds.

Finding yourself short on cash does not have to be a problem when you have the means to do something about it. A quick internet search and a little creativity is all you need to bring in a little extra money today.

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