Maintain Your Home and Save Money on Utility Bills

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Whether you live in a house or apartment, utilities are a necessary expense. They are also a big part of your monthly budget.

The average American family spends $2,060 a year on energy bills alone. This includes cooling, heating, water heating, lighting, appliances, and electronics.

Then there are utility bills for water, sewer, and natural gas.

Depending on your family’s needs and location, you could pay thousands of dollars a year for utilities.

If you could cut these costs by even one-fourth, you could see significant savings.

Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to reduce utility usage and costs. Plus, there are lifestyle habits you can practice to help you save even more.

Here are five ways to care for your home and cut utility bills in the process.

Maintain Your Home and Save Money on Utility Bills

  1. Track Your Utility Usage

    Do you track your utility usage? If you want to conserve resources and save money, this is your starting point. Examine your bills to see what you use each month, and how much you spend on each category. This will help you develop some cost-cutting strategies.

    Do you need some identifying your utility usage? Contact your utility companies for an audit. Some companies offer this as a free service. Whether you enlist some help or do it yourself, an audit can help you identify areas where you can cut back on usage.

  2. Replace Your Old Appliances

    Are your appliances outdated? Replace them with energy-efficient upgrades – those appliances with government-backed Energy Star symbols. They cost more upfront, but they save money over time through lower energy bills.

    To reduce your water bills, replace your toilets, faucets, and showerheads with low-flow models. Since they are designed to maximize water pressure, the difference in performance is negligible.

    For even more savings, install an energy-saving water heater, and set it to 120 degrees. This drop from the default setting is hardly noticeable. But you will notice a drop in your energy or gas bill.

  3. Make Some Home Improvements

    Like appliance upgrades, home improvements can also cut your utility bills. Some upgrades are expensive, however, so choose projects that work within your budget.

    Is it hard to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter? If you have the budget for it, replace your windows with new, energy-efficient ones. Low-e glass windows (short for low emissivity) save on energy costs.

    If your home is not well-insulated, install more or better insulation in the walls, attic, or basement. This improves the efficiency of your HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and saves you money.

    Technology can also work for you. A smart thermostat keeps your home comfortable without using unneeded energy, and the improvement is affordable. Some utility companies will install one for free.

  4. Clean Your Home and Appliances

    Unlike home improvements, house cleaning costs very little in time and money. But it can save money on utility bills. Remove dust, dirt, and pet hair to improve airflow and help things work better.

    Clean your appliances too. Your HVAC system operates better with clean ductwork. Dust-free refrigerator coils keep the appliance running at the right temperature. And a clean lint filter improves your dryer’s efficiency.

  5. Make the Necessary Repairs

    Home repairs are important, and they can also cut your utility bills. There are several areas of the home to keep in mind, from air conditioning to plumbing.

    Perhaps the easiest way to save money is to replace the air filters. Clean filters make your home’s system more efficient. Experts recommend changing the filters every three months or more.

    Air conditioner parts can deteriorate over time, and repairs can be costly. Replace worn parts as soon as possible. Salt Lake County A/C maintenance can keep your unit healthy for a long time, or you can look for a local maintenance company in your area.

    Since plumbing leaks are hard to detect, check for them purposefully. Even a small drip can show up on your water bill, so check your faucets, toilets, and water pipes on a regular basis. Repair leaks as soon as you find them.

Routine home maintenance can cut hundreds of dollars a year from your utility bills. Improvements and upgrades can save you even more. Give these money-saving strategies a try to see how much you can save this year.

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