Major Pain: How to Recover Your Finances After a Serious Injury

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A serious injury is never a good place to find yourself in. Being in a major accident can cause lasting damage that does serious physical harm.

With those injuries come costs. These costs can seem to attack from all angles, from doctor and hospital bills to physical therapy and perhaps not being able to work for some time.

With all these challenges and bills piling up, how do you recover your finances and gain some control and stability back in your life?

Below are some ideas to help you regain your financial footing after a serious injury.

Major Pain How to Recover Your Finances After a Serious Injury

  1. File for Worker’s Compensation

    If your injury happened while you were working for a company, your first move should be to file for worker’s compensation.

    You will have to prove that you obtained your injury while working for the company. Worker’s compensation is a great way to ensure at least some income after an injury.

    While this is a blessing, it is only applicable if you were injured on the job.

    If you were denied worker’s compensation and have mountains and mountains of bills, you may have to overcome your financial hurdles by filing for bankruptcy.

  2. Hire an Injury Lawyer

    Sometimes you have to spend money to gain money. This is the case with hiring personal injury attorneys.

    While hiring a lawyer may cost some money, the advantages of hiring one are numerous.

    Often times, injury lawyers can help get you the most out of your insurance claims.

    While these claims can be for a variety of cases, depending on your injuries, automobile accidents are common injury.

  3. Start a Side-Hustle

    While more work may not seem appealing, especially after an injury, starting a side hustle may be the way to go to earn some extra money.

    The side hustle does not have to be physically intensive either. It can be working online or by phone.

    Here are some concrete side-hustle ideas.

  4. Sell Unwanted/Unused Items

    Let’s face it, almost all of us have items that we rarely use. What is the point of hanging on to these items, especially when you can make good money off of them?

    Consider slimming down on what you own and reap the rewards of owning less but having more.

    It may be hard to separate from certain items, but a little de-cluttering can be good for the soul and the wallet.

In the end, being injured is a not a fun or nice position to be in. It puts a strain on you both physically and financially.

While it may seem that the bills and payments are insurmountable, there are ways to get through the hard times.

Consider these four options in helping you recover your finances after a serious injury.

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