Make Business Coupons Using Microsoft Paint

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The businesses providing coupon codes or discounts make feel people great about spending money on less prices. Many people are not aware of these coupons. Either they don’t know how to avail these coupons or they do not know the valid steps to redeem those coupons. In this article, we are going to discuss about simple steps which help you to give detailed information about coupon codes:

Microsoft Paint helping you to leverage coupon codes

Use design program which is a standard program that almost all the computers do have. These coupons are high in resolution but you can use them since they can’t blow up any bigger. Use the image and set the attributes and select the inches to set the width up to 8.5 meters and height by 11 for portrait size. The landscape coupons are opposite from portrait coupons.

Decide the size of coupons

The size and the place must be decided first. The sides of the paper are best place for coupons and thus you can easily access for cutting these coupons. Use rectangle tool and decide whether you want to fill co0lor or not and it would be easier for you if you don’t choose fill.

Cut the tool in a square shape once you make the rectangle with dotted lines around outline. Click on that pull that box into the shaped rectangle and hit edit to copy. Paste rectangle next to that you have already and it will make rectangles in equal size. You can make many coupons just by hitting paste.

Use font tool to insert text

You can have those coupons wherever you want them and now you need to put text inside your coupons. Choose A and select a place inside your coupon square. Play around with fonts and decide which font matches the most. Choose the right side to make people read easily.

These coupons will look like real coupons if you put terms in smaller print size at right bottom of your coupon. Look at other coupons online and put at least an expiration rate. Mark coupon with the valid date for offer and put limits as well so that no one can use more than two coupons in one transaction.

Make flyer attractive by adding pictures

Follow the close steps if you want to add pictures to your coupons. Save the previous file and then click Open to find picture. And drag the select box around the image and then click cut. Save the file in the end of the menu. Open your file backup and now paste and resize your image by clicking Kupongkode on the corners. The dot on all the corners makes your available to drag the image to the size you need. Now move it to your coupon for your final touch.

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