Manage Debt By Following Nature

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Lao Tzu was born 600 years before Jesus Christ and is widely believed to have been a Chinese philosopher. He is considered the father of Chinese Taoism (also spelled “Daoism”) which is a philosophy that advocates living a simple life.

Around the same time, Greece had Plato and Socrates; India had the Buddha and China had Confucius and Lao Tzu.

Lao Tzu (also spelled “Laozi”) has been quoted as saying: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Manage Debt By Following Nature

  • Don’t spend as if there’s no tomorrow…

    When we go shopping or eating out or any other activity, our actions seem to be done in a hurry. That by the way includes making love to your spouse. We keep doing these things as if there is no tomorrow.

    If you stop and smell the roses and think about why everyone is in a big hurry including you, you might realize that life the way most of us live has become one big swirl of doing things repeatedly and in a hurry.

    We are bound to make mistakes of spending more than we make. Especially now that the holidays have prevailed upon us and are almost over, we just tend to spend and spend and in a big hurry.

    We want to be the first to buy something, anything. [Who gives a damn! As long as others are buying, I am buying too. Whether I need it or not, I don’t wanna think about it.]

  • When you keep buying and keep consuming…

    Think about the recent occurrence of Black Friday. In almost all communities, that’s one of the days in a year that “humans” act like humans – greedy, rushing, cheap, shoving, careless.

    I have come out of my den to buy and I will buy anything – both useful and useless to me. “It don’t matter to me whether I can afford it or not. It don’t matter to me if I keep stepping into the debt shit repeatedly. I don’t give a shit.” That’s the general thinking among the human-like shapes.

    On a day like Black Friday, all the human characteristics come alive with no reservation whatsoever. Did you ever see a flock of birds flying in a certain formation?

    They have a goal set for themselves to get to a certain place before the weather changes on them. They are not in a hurry. They just keep going and working at it till they have accomplished their goal.

  • Follow your digestive system…

    When you eat peppery hot food like the hottest Mexican dish, you might enjoy it when your jaws are in the process of chewing it.

    But after a while when you digest it and are in the process of getting rid of it, the pain and the burning sensation will get to you and you swear you would not eat hot food again.

    On the contrary, when you keep buying and keep consuming whether you need it or not, sooner or later, you find out that it’s hard to digest the debt, resulting in the burning sensation in your financial life.

    Then you start thinking if you get out of the debt shit alive, you will never ever consume as if there is no tomorrow.

    You would be a fool of the utmost if you repeat the process.

  • Spending more than you earn is against nature…

    Spending more than you make is against nature. Birds and not-human-like animals and all other living and not-so-living beings consume only what they need unless the human-like shape keeps feeding them forcefully more than they can chew.

    Human-like shapes have been known to be cruel to nature, to themselves and to their families, financially and otherwise.

Nature does not hurry so why should you?

In a Nutshell
Learn lessons from nature, from your surroundings. Observe and follow. Human-like shapes must act like humans or else they would bring the doomsday on themselves sooner than later.

Nature has given you those little gray cells [Agatha Christie]. Use them to your advantage and for the betterment of all creatures. Every human-like shape is entitled to have freedom from debt.

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