Manage Debt By Rewiring Your Brain

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Millions of folks have the nasty habit of being shopaholic. It seems to be a disease that has caught on from one individual to another. We must face the fact that it’s sickness of the mind. Whenever there is the physical illness or mental sickness, science has generally found a cure for it except may be cancer or similar terminal sickness. But by and large, science has been successful.

The sickness of the brain has been termed in many ways, one of which is called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). In plain English, it’s a method of “rewiring” your mind, using the “language of the brain.”

Two neuro scientists named John Grinder (PhD) and Richard Bandler back in the 1970s co-created NLP. So for more than thirty years people have been using the method of positively changing almost any aspect of their lives, believe it or not in just minutes.

If you dissect Neuro Linguistic Programming, each term has a simple meaning:

  1. Neuro means how the mind and body interact
  2. Linguistic refers to language
  3. programming refers to daily programming we all live under each day.

Putting it all together, in simple English, NLP is all about reprogramming yourself, using the language of the mind.

NLP can help you in many ways…

  • NLP can help you to improve your skills, clarify your thinking processes and manage your moods more effectively. It can help you to stop being shopaholic and stop impulse buying.

  • NLP has techniques to help you improve your confidence levels, get rid of debt by buying only what you really need so you save more.

  • NLP can permanently erase fears and phobias, tap into a state of peak performance on-demand, boost your motivation levels – and so much more.

  • NLP is a powerful change management tool that will transform your attitude from being shopaholic and impulse buying to saving more on a regular basis.

  • NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

  • NLP will not make you rich overnight but mastering its skills, you can be more successful in your financial life by buying not on impulse but on the basis of your needs. That will gradually but surely get you out of debt and will change your attitude more positively towards saving.

  • NLP will make you more aware of the impact of you being shopaholic and transform your attitude so you spend less and save more.

Stop being sorry for yourself…

NLP is used by the most successful people the world over. However, one problem for most folks who are unable to benefit from NLP fully is that the knowledge comes with reading quite thick books. That turns off many people.

Instead of days and weeks and sometimes months of reading, the ultimate NLP course has been rewritten and reformatted that takes no more than two hours of your time. That means you can master the secrets of NLP in just 2 hours!” Ain’t that something?

Problems with NLP?

NLP might create problems but it depends entirely on the attitude of individuals. There are a couple of issues to understand:

  1. You must understand that NLP is the Modeling of Excellence and Excellent Behavior. However, its many practitioners are merely practicing NLP techniques and not Excellence!

  2. One big problem lies with folks – and not with NLP system – is that they merely practice NLP techniques, and in the process they become the slave of the techniques but not the concept of model creation endeavor. Techniques are simply one product, and are created out of patterns.

In a Nutshell
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Watch Dr. John Grinder (PhD) explain some of the highlights of the NLP program. He’s saying NLP is the Modeling of Excellence and Excellent Behavior, and that’s what you have to master. Techniques are simply one product, and are created out of patterns.



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