Many Employers Use 3rd Party Recruiting Businesses

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Many employers use 3rd party recruiting businesses directly linked to their Human Resources (HR). There may not be anything wrong with it. However, it can potentially create privacy problems.

The employer itself may not ask you personal questions like race, age, color, ethnic background, religion, etc.

Many Employers Use 3rd Party Recruiting Businesses

But the recruiting business under contract with the employer may ask you those questions.

  • Recruiting business asks…

    The recruiting business asks that you register with them online.

    During the registration process, it so happens that you must answer questions about your person including your age and ethnic background.

    They have made it mandatory. You cannot escape it or else you just don’t register.

    Most disclose that the data is not released and is confidential. But why then ask for it? It does send red flags.

    The page will not allow you to advance through its registration process until “all required data” is entered.

    This makes it intensely frustrating.

  • Applying directly to employers…

    Even if you apply directly to the company’s HR department using either snail mail or email for a position listed on its website, you will be directed to its contracted 3rd party source.

    You are back to square one. The reason employers do that is, for one thing they are assholes and secondly they don’t want to be bothered by candidate screening and interview selections anymore.

    On top of that, they outsource the whole process to a third-world country.

    The technology has changed so much and communication is so easy that for the employers, outsourcing seem less work on their part and less intrusive as well.

    The candidate does not directly deal with the employer. So the folks in HR may be sitting on their asses doing nothing.

    When asked why they outsource, some would say it gives them more time to concentrate on other things like their core business.

    As if screening and hiring is not a part of core business of the HR department.

    A lot of bull shit has been going on in HR over the last couple of decades.

  • Once your resume jumps over the HR obstacle…

    Once your resume and cover letter pass through HR, your chances of getting hired increase exponentially.

    They are known as the big firewall where the very lucky few are able to pass through.

    For them, a candidate’s resume is a virus and they have one big firewall installed in the form of 3rd party recruiters.

In a Nutshell
There is no one at present in the world to remove that firewall.

For companies, it may be essential.

For candidates who may be fit for the job, it’s a virus [or anti-virus] of the utmost.

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