Money Saving: How to Bring Down Your Electric Rates

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Today, electricity has definitely become a vital and integral part of everyone’s life. From the start to the end of the day, houses and offices have one appliance using energy.

In one form or another, electricity is used every day. Since electricity is an integral part of both companies and individuals, it simply means that the cost of power is inevitable.

As electricity prices continue to soar, it is important to know how to bring down the electric rates. Bringing down the rates does not happen overnight. It takes some planning and strategizing.

The common aphorism, “plan the work then work the plan” applies here. Make plans on the steps you are going to take to bring down your electric bills; after doing this; purpose to put your strategies into action.

The following are few tricks and tips to help cut down the energy bills in both your home and office:

  • Consider an efficient air conditioner

    Did you know that by installing a high efficiency air conditioner you could save more than forty percent of your energy utility bills? This one time investment could save you substantially every month.

    Now that you know it’s possible, rush to the nearest seller and make a purchase. You’ll surely enjoy the drop in your monthly utility bills.

  • Always clean your air conditioner’s outside coils

    Clean coils normally increase the unit’s efficiency, which in turn reduces power consumption. Moreover, it extends the unit’s life.

    As you conduct your cleaning, use a water hose to get rid of any dirt on the outside coils. Clean the inside coils at the beginning of the cooling season.

    If you are clueless on how to go about the whole thing, it is recommended you get the services of a technician.

  • Unplug all electric appliances not in use

    Did you know that turning off electronic appliances does not really mean that they are not consuming electricity?

    Today, most appliances go to standby mode whenever they are switched off. While on standby mode, the devices still use electricity.

    What is shocking is that leaking electricity consumed by domestic devices can add up to 10%. What does this mean? It simply means that by unplugging the appliances, you save the equivalent amount of electricity.

  • Turn off computer monitors

    Most individuals hardly switch off their monitors when not in use. Monitors consume a lot of electricity. The phantom load consumes plenty of electricity.

    Unplugging or turning off the monitor is an effective way of bringing your electricity costs down. If you have plans of getting out of your room, say for an hour or two, turn off the monitor.

    By doing this every time you are not using the monitor will bring down your electricity bills substantially.

  • Instead of incandescent lamps use compact fluorescent lamps

    Compact fluorescent lamps are highly energy efficient compared to incandescent lamps. This is why you should choose the former compared to the latter.

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