Money Wise: Six Investments That Almost Always Pay Off In The End

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Wealthy families have been able to pass their wealth to their children because they invested in the types of assets that continue to increase in value. No matter what short-term fads or fashions may arise, the short-term value may not lead to long-term success.

The wealthy avoid the temporary fad and focus on investments that are almost always guaranteed a return in the long run.

6 Investments That Almost Always Pay Off In The End

  1. Education

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has detailed how higher education can both reduce your unemployment rate and increase your average weekly salary. For 2013, someone with less than a high school education had an unemployment rate of 11.0% and average weekly wage of $472 compared to a worker with a bachelor’s degree having an unemployment rate of 4.0% and average weekly wage of $1,108. Education pays with higher income.

  2. Government Bonds

    The federal government can tax any of the assets in the nation. Government bond values are a reflection of all the nation’s assets. United States Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) are some of the safest assets in the mid-term time frame.

  3. Utilities

    You need electricity, water and heat to live. The utility companies provide necessary services to entire communities. Utilities deliver a reliable dividend for their shareholders. These bare necessities are never going to change.

  4. Building a New Home

    Land is one of the primary inputs for productivity. When you take a valuable piece of land and build a new home, you create a secure environment for your family. You also create an investment that can be resold when you are ready to leave. Consider building a custom home that can benefit your family in many ways for years to come, whether you sell it later or not.

  5. Gold

    Gold is always money. All of the most powerful central banks own gold bars because this precious metal is always valuable. Gold can always be melted down for jewelry as well. While the value of gold my fluctuate from time to time, in the end, it is worth the investment.

  6. Your Business

    While investing in a start-up is a risky move, investing money to start up your own business will be worth it in the end. You will put a lot more effort to make your own business successful than someone else’s. Even if it doesn’t last long or return a huge profit, there is much to be gained from starting your own business.

The most valuable investment will improve your life. When you focus on the things you will always need, you can own wealth that will pay off in the end. Informational credit to Alair Homes.

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