Moving My Sub-Domain To Add-On Domain Is Complete

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On Monday June 21, 2010, I published a post Moving My Sub-Domain Blog To Add-On Domain. The sub-domain is On and Off, I worked on it. It is now done and completely moved to my add-on domain including a few new posts that you will not see them published on my sub-domain which I am going to shut down in a few days by redirecting it to my new Add-On domain.

I had not done this before so as you can imagine, I had lots of problems. My Web Host Support guys were very helpful and they guided me through the whole process. However, I still had problems on every step of the way. That was lack of understanding on my part.

Redirect subdomain to addon domain

The following are the steps I went through to start and complete the Move-Over:

  • Create Add-On Domain

    The Web Host provides the facility of C-Panel where firstly I went through the process of creating the add-on domain That’s one of the functions under “Domain”. You would see it when you scroll down a little. After I created the Add-On, I noticed that I could redirect it, but I didn’t need it so I didn’t do it.

  • Create Email Account

    The second step was to create email address for my Add-On. I scrolled up the C-Panel and clicked on the Email Accounts under “Mail”. I created the address as

  • Install WordPress

    The third step was to install WordPress on my Add-On. In the process, I set up the User ID and password and gave it my address to send me email when the installation was complete.

  • Exporting 4 tables from old sub-domain database

    Using phpMyAdmin under the heading Databases in C-Panel, I selected my old database that I had filled up with my posts – 729 at the time of exporting the database.

    There are two tables that I needed to export to my PC:

    1. wp_postmeta and
    2. wp_posts

    Now I am dumb about the rest of the table. However, for carrying over comments, I exported 2 more tables:

    1. wp_commentmeta and
    2. wp_comments

    Before I exported the data in these tables, I went over How to optimize your MySQL database for better performance. Once the overheads were cleared, I exported all four tables mentioned above to my PC desktop.

  • Modifying tables

    Using MS Note Pad, first off, in all tables, I changed the name of the old database to the new one that the Add-On process had given me. I did not make any changes in the comment tables. I made extensive changes in the post tables, especially the wp_posts table. On my desktop, the extension to all tables were dot sql.

  • Importing 4 tables to the new Add-On Database

    Again using phpMyAdmin under the heading Databases in C-Panel, this time I selected the new database of my Add-On Domain, clicked on Import, Browsed for each file on my desktop, selected the files one by one, and clicked on the GO button. Except the wp_posts table, the data in the three tables were imported in less than a minute. However, because of the number of posts in wp_posts, it took a lot more than that.

  • One thing I noticed…

    I logged in to my new ADD-On admin area, created all categories similar to what I had in the sub-domain with some minor changes in the name. I changed finances to finance and careers to career. After importing the data into the wp_posts table, I noticed that all categories were “Uncategorized.” I went over all 729 posts and changed the category from “Unrecognized” to the respective category of the post. This process took a good four days.

In a Nutshell
For me it was difficult at first because I had no idea what I was getting into. But now that it’s done and complete, as the saying goes “I can do it with my right hand tied behind my back.” If you get into a similar situation, try to do one step at a time. Your host service guys are there to help you as My Web Host Support helped me.

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