Moving To A New Home? Six Tips To Save Money

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Moving into a new home isn’t only a stressful endeavor, but it can be costly as well. Whether it is three blocks away or across the country, packing up and moving a household can seriously put a dent in your wallet.

Here are some tips to help you manage the cost of moving.

6 Tips To Save Money

  1. Need Boxes? Visit Your Local Supermarket

    As soon as you realize you will be moving out of your current place, it’s time to take some steps to save you money in the long haul. Head down to your local grocery store and talk to the manager. Grocery stores often discard hundreds of empty cardboard boxes on any given night. Politely inquire if they can hold some of these empty boxes for you so you won’t need to purchase as many for your move.

  2. Utilize Your Friends For Packing Supplies

    Ask your friends for extra blankets or towels they were preparing to discard. This fabric can be used as soft protective packing materials to wrap around items much like bubble wrap and foam peanuts. You can also post on your social networks for used packing supplies.

  3. Less Clutter, Less Expense

    Also, you might choose to take this time to de-clutter your household. Cutting back on junk, in the long run, will save you on packing supplies as well as moving costs. Consider what you really need to take with you and get rid of the rest.

  4. Skip the Swing Set

    The cost of moving the heavy and bulky playground equipment in your backyard often will be more than the the cost of replacing it in your new place. Skip breaking down the swing set and other equipment and choose to purchase new ones at a later date. The same goes for other large items you may have. Consider how much it would cost to just replace it instead.

  5. Host a Packing Party

    The biggest expense involved in moving tends to come from hiring professional companies to move your stuff. If you are seriously interested in cutting corners, host a packing party with your local friends and family. Serve some ice cold beverages from a cooler, play some music over the sound system, and take a weekend to pack with the help of your friends.

  6. Rent a Truck

    When it comes time to actually move your boxes and furniture, you should rely on a rental truck versus your own vehicle, suggest the experts at Jamieson Car and Truck Rental. While it may seem counter intuitive at first, a rental truck will cut down on time and significantly use less gas than multiple trips back and forth.

While moving is always a hassle, it doesn’t need to be financially painful. By preparing in advance and using the help of family and friends as well as local resources, you can move into a brand new household without breaking the bank.

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