MyLife dot Com Ad Says Free, Website Says Pay

Saturday, February 5, 2011, 6:00 AM | 2 Comments

When an advertisement says one thing, and its website has implemented something different, then in all honesty it’s a deception if not a complete scam. The attraction is in the ad not in the stars. is definitely not free like the ad would have you believe. I thought it was free. So I entered my first name, last name, age and zip code. And then another page wants me to enter my email address which is along with my gender.

I don’t know why all of a sudden people are interested in my gender. Ain’t this a Unisex society? Everyone is curious about my f***ing gender. What’s so special about my gender? Doesn’t know I was born with my gender? So far as I can tell it has stuck with me in my sorrow [not so good old days] and definitely in my pleasure [very good old days.] Talk about loyalty. By the way, tomorrow is another day I never plan without my gender. So put it to rest, O! Not so free was good enough to come back with the price page on its website. I certainly appreciate that. However, I did not see FREE on that page like their ad says. It’s free for the website that it got my email address for a free opt-in. When I get its email, I will just unsubscribe. Instead of free, it has the following price range:

  • 1 Month – $22.95 – was $46/Month
  • 3 Months – $19.95 – was $40/Month
  • 6 Months – $17.95 – was $36/Month
  • 12 Months – $15.95 – was $32/Month

The website has already selected the 12-month membership for you. It wants to hook and cook you for the whole year. However, I don’t see “nothing” on the page that says it’s free. One of the items could have been free. It’s OK with me if it provides who the f*** is looking for me – just the names for free would be fine with me.

As long as the FBI or the CIA is not looking for me, I don’t give a shit. If they were looking for me, they would have already found me by now. I have this blog that you are looking at and like any blogger, I would be more than happy to see folks looking for my blog.

And another thing. You see the crossed out prices? That’s another marketing gimmick these people are bombarding you with. They are throwing sand at you to get you blinded. They play with the human psychology. “Well, we are giving you a discount.” Discount my ass. I have been looking at the website for some time, and it has exactly the same prices from day one.

Sometimes I wonder why these people lower their prices. That can mean one thing. Nobody wanted to buy membership at the “regular” price, so marketers lower the price.

Have you ever noticed on some websites especially the ones with single page when they say “Only fifteen left” and for digital content? You download it a thousand times, it’s still up there on its server for generations to come unless you delete it from the server. In that case, the owner of the site goes and sits at home or does something else with exactly the same concept in mind. Citizens of the world are a lot smarter than what you could ever imagine. thinks people are stupid. Well, let me tell you something, you Mr. MyLife or is it Ms. Mylife?. You cannot fool everyone with this gimmick. But you are not the only one. Internet is full of them. It is the only medium where nothing – no field of scam – can be saturated.

MyLife.comLook at the image on the right. That’s the advertisement does on those good and decent media. As long as they get paid, they don’t care the ad is a complete lie. They get hundreds and probably thousands of ads. I assume they don’t go through each one to see which one says one thing in ads and entirely different on the website.

By the way, when you see something like “As Seen” on a blog, that’s just the advertisement for the product that has appeared on those media. “It don’t mean nothing.” It’s by no means an endorsement by the media. You have to watch out for tactics like that.

Read reviews for Mostly they are just Complaints.

For more reviews, just search for reviews.

In a Nutshell
The American people and the world at large are sick to their stomach with these misleading tactics. Why should it bother me and why should I pay for who is looking for me? Let them look to their heart’s content. I am here, ain’t I? When I die, I just die. Nothing to be frowned about. Well! Maybe some folks will frown.

Why don’t you guys offer some kind of indigestion pills with your membership? Alka-seltzer would be nice which is good for “Relief of headache with fatigue associated with hangover.”

By the way, these pills will set you back more than a hundred bucks for 48 tablets. However, if it works, it’s better than going to the doctor who might prescribe similar pills for aches and pain.

My blog might give some folks indigestion. In that case, they can do themselves a favor and go for more Alka-seltzer. Their price alone can give them heartburn.

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  1. 2 Responses to “MyLife dot Com Ad Says Free, Website Says Pay”

  2. By kmartin on Jul 17, 2011, 10:42 pm | Reply

    Free! Not even…close to getting info for free
    false ads

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