Need to Sell Your Home? How to Keep the Process Affordable and Efficient

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You might not think that selling your home would cost money, but there are many hidden expenses you may encounter.

Your listing agent will usually take the biggest cut, but attempting to sell your home without a realtor can cost even more.

The best way to cut costs is to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Here are four tips to keep the process both affordable and efficient.

Need to Sell Your Home How to Keep the Process Affordable and Efficient

  1. Network Within Your Community

    Networking is a great way to find a buyer for your home. If you know anyone in your neighborhood or at your workplace who is looking for a new home, invite them over for a small party, brunch or dinner. Make sure you clean your house to make it look its best and remember not to be too pushy with your sales pitch. Casually mention that your home is for sale and offer your realtor’s business card to anyone who is interested.

  2. Utilize Real Estate Listings

    Although they might seem old-fashioned, the listings in your local newspaper are still one of the most effective and affordable ways to sell real estate. These listings are usually paid for by your realtor, so it won’t cost you anything up front. There are also many popular websites like Zillow and where agents can list homes to an even wider audience.

  3. Use Social Media Ad Boosts

    Social media is a great way to advertise your home if you take the right approach. Don’t expect to post photos on a yard sale page and get results. The best way to utilize social media is to purchase ads and pay to boost them so they get more visibility in your local market. Look for a listing agent who can leverage the power of social media to sell your home faster.

  4. Don’t Buy Until Your Old Home Sells

    Nothing can make a mess of your finances like getting stuck in the precarious situation of paying two mortgages at the same time. Although it might be tempting to greenlight your new home purchase and start moving in, resist the urge and hold out until your buyer has signed a contract on your current home.

If your home lingers on the market despite your best efforts, it’s time to address why. Often homes that don’t sell are priced too high, in a bad location or a poor real estate market. You may have to accept a lower price than you expected in order to make the sale.

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