Obesity Rates Have Doubled In 30 Years

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Obesity rates have doubled in less than 30 years according to a study published in the medicine’s top peer-reviewed journal The Lancet. The article is published under the title “Obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure.” We have always known that increasing weight, in most cases, have direct adverse effect on cholesterol and blood pressure. Your cholesterol – especially bad one – increases and so does blood pressure.

Obesity, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure are Connected in Adversity

Three papers published by The Lancet show that the worldwide prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. Meanwhile high-income countries have shown impressive reductions in mean blood pressure and cholesterol, with some countries doing much better than others. [The rich probably have reduced blood pressure and cholesterol with medicine simply because they can afford it.] The articles present country by country trends in obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Obesity, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Adversely affect Personal Finances

We all know that obese folks must be spending a whole lot of money – extra money – than ones that are in good health with lower cholesterol and blood pressure. We all know everyone has to die one day whether one is obese or not. The big question is how we live in the present.

What happens tomorrow is one thing but we should take care of what’s happening to us now. If we have problem simply getting up as a result of obesity, we ought to take care of it. If our cholesterol and blood pressure are high as a result of obesity, we ought to take care of it.

We have enough problems of spending more than we make. Obese or not, many of us are already in debt. Why should folks in their right mind create another layer of spending extra money because of these three culprits?

It’s hard to lose weight. One reason can be that we fill our bellies with food that are harmful to health to begin with. We ought to buy and bring home healthy foods. We ought to read the ingredients and the nutritional facts of what we bring home as food.

Eat high fiber food, low in saturated fats. Trans fat is a no no. Don’t bring food that does not indicate Trans Fat as zero. And get your ass up and start exercising. Start with just a mile a day. We cannot become Bruce Lee but at least we can try to move in his direction.

In a Nutshell
Weight can be controlled by exercising regularly – just simple daily walk a mile at a minimum. Diet high in fiber and low in saturated fats will do the trick for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. May be it’s not that simple. But it really may be that simple for most folks. How hard can it be? Well, obviously for obese folks, pretty hard.

The three studies’ lead authors were Farshad Farzadfar [profile], Mariel M. Finucane [profile], and Goodarz Danaei [profile] – all of whom are researchers at Harvard University in various departments.

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