Office Colours That Increase Productivity

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According to numerous studies, colours greatly affect people’s productivity. Depending on its intensity, the colour can be either stimulating or soothing.

Furthermore, different colours affect different parts of a person as well. While red affects the body, blue will have an impact on the mind.

Check out the following guide and discover which colour will enhance your productivity.

  • Blue


    Blue has been voted the colour that will mostly reinforce your mind. Therefore, this colour will positively influence accountants and anyone whose work concerns mental activities. They would find blue very stimulating, and will become more productive if they work in a blue office.

    However, in order to introduce a bit of balance, feel free to add a couple of orange elements. Orange is a warm colour in contrast to blue, so they’ll be a perfect combination that will increase productivity for everyone, and not just accountants.

  • Red


    Since red influences the body, make sure you surround yourself with this colour if you’re doing physical work.

    Red will increase the productivity much better than blue colour, since blue has major impact on the mind and mental activities rather than on the physical.

    If you’re looking to hire a couple of workers to help you remodel your home, or if you’re opening a construction company, surround the location with red to reinforce physical strength in workers.

    Additionally, food businesses could increase the food sale if they paint and decorate their restaurants in red.

  • Yellow


    Writers, painters, sculptures, actors and all the other creative people will find yellow the most stimulating colour.

    This is the colour of creativity and it will work best for creative souls because it stimulates spirits, ego and brings on more optimism to a person.

    It’s the colour of confidence, fun, happiness and emotional strength, so it will definitely be a good idea to paint at least one wall in yellow if you’re a graphic designer or in any type of designing business.

    What’s more, if you feel like your office could use a bit more cheer and good mood, paint the walls in yellow and see how everyone will feel more comfortable and happier.

    Additionally, students have reported that they’re up to 15% more productive when they take their exams in yellow rooms.

  • Green


    When you’re looking for harmony, balance, rest, refreshment and peace, green will provide you with these.

    Jobs tend to be very stressful and make us restless, which is why green walls will provide a perfect balance and harmony.

    Green also indicates that you take care of the environment. Additionally, feel free to use green colour in the environment where money circulates regularly.

    However, for those who are positively influenced by red, green can cause stagnation and boredom.

  • Shades of Colours

    It’s essential that you know which shades of the colours would fit perfectly into your office design in order for you to be the most productive.

    After you’ve decided which colour best suits your profession, it’s time to narrow it down to a specific shade. Think about if you need the colour to stimulate or soothe you.

    A high saturated hue will stimulate, while a low saturated one will soothe you a lot. A soothing shade of green is great for decreasing anxiety.

The colour of the room can greatly influence our mood, feelings and our productivity. Therefore, check the previous guide in order to know what colour will fit you best.

If you need more mental stimulation, use blue. Red will reinforce your physical activity, while yellow will have a positive effect on your creative side. Green is the best for those who feel anxious and are constantly involved in money transfer.

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