Organize Your Receipts And Business Cards Online

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I used to own a convenience store – from May 27, 2004 to March 31, 2005. The previous owner had the age-old register at the paying counter. I didn’t get a chance to replace it with a computer-connected register.

I guess the newer ones are based on computer technology with hard disk and memory and all other goodies.

Organize Your Receipts And Business Cards Online

So you can install some business software to let you organize your operation.

The drawer at my counter was always full of receipts and business cards from the vendors.

I did have a Rolodex to organize business cards in alphabetical order.

But either I would have to carry the somewhat bulky Rolodex to call a vendor anytime or I would keep it at the business premises. I did the latter most often.

So if I left the business for the day, I would not have the Rolodex available and sometime I would miss talking to a vendor when I wanted to.

  • Organize your Receipts and Business Cards Online

    Today, there are a lot better ways to organize receipts and business cards.

    With the smart phones so widely used now especially in businesses, the Internet is always available to folks of all kinds.

    These days if you want, you can organize and secure your receipts. Your receipts and cards are all available a couple of clicks away. You would be able to make a business deal anytime, all the time.

  • How does the process work?

    When you do search in your favorite search engine, you will find the best online platform for organizing receipts and business cards.

    Customers mail them receipts and business cards, which they scan and upload into a secure online account.

    Users may also submit receipts and business card via mobile phone or our iPhone application to be processed into their account.

    Receipts are automatically tagged into X number of common tax categories, and are data entered by store name, date, total, and payment type.

    Users can also define custom categories like “Trip to Affiliate Summit,” and can export expense data to Excel, QuickBooks, Quicken, CSV and PDF formats.

    After the online entity scans business cards, the extracted contact information as well as the scanned cards are available in the users online account. Users can easily import contacts to Salesforce, Constant Contact, Outlook, Google, LinkedIn and other sites and applications.

  • Who can benefit?

    Most customers are business people or freelancers:

    • Small business owners use it to simplify their bookkeeping and accounting. However, the business must meet IRS requirements for electronic storage of receipts.
    • People working for larger companies, especially frequent business travelers, use it to save time producing expense reports.

    • Some companies use the service simply for archival purposes, as an alternative to paper warehousing. The whole process provides a secure digital backup that is easier and safer than holding paper originals.

    • Business Card scanning and contact export helps anyone in business keep track of relationships without spending hours at the keyboard entering names and numbers.

In a Nutshell
Of course, like any other business, there are a number of competitors that want your business and you can search for them online, but some stand out among them for providing better security and better performance to organize your receipts and business cards.

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